Benefits of Email Marketing 2019

Ever wonder what if can communicate with your audience in a cost-effective way; what if you can send your personalized messages or send promotional emails to your prospects who are at different stage of your sales funnel? Surprised?… That’s the power of Email Marketing!

Hello and welcome to Analytics Online, one of the best email marketing company in Patna. Here, I’m gonna talk about what email marketing is all about and how you can take advantage of it in your business. Let’s get into more details about the benefits of Email Marketing.

To understand the benefits of email marketing, you must first understand what is Email Marketing. Email Marketing refers to the process wherein the company uses email platforms to promote its products and services. Not only for selling or promoting products or services, but also for building long-lasting relationships with potential clients, email marketing is used.
Have a look on the below image that shows an example of email marketing by Summitsoft-

A well-executed email marketing offers a number of benefits to the businesses that it can’t think ever. Talking about the last decade, email marketing had been gone out of fashion. but now it is back with all its powers that can let your business boost faster and faster. No doubt in saying that the benefits of email marketing in 2019 will be going much higher that ultimately generate a high amount of traffic to your website resulting in higher revenues. It will be going much more viable than before. Here are such reasons why it is more important for businesses today as well as in future-

★The main fact to be considered is that each email address is different and represent a unique person. Talking from the perspective of your business, this means that you have an opportunity to reach out to these prospects. Further, your every prospect may not be in the same stage of your sales funnel. So you have to send different emails to different prospects for each stage. How will you do that?
Email Marketing is the solution that allows you to send custom emails for each of your prospects.

Approx 86% of the adults are such who read emails from the businesses only once in a month while other 60% read emails from such businesses once in a week. Think about it… It is an indication of great opportunity to grab the attention of your prospects. Isn’t it?

Each prospect doesn’t interact in the same way to the business. So, it is better to approach them in different manner. Email Marketing provides you with the benefit of email list segmentation that assists in dealing with different prospects in a different manner.

For the success of any business, it is crucial to analyze each and every aspect. Analytics lets the business make understood about each stage so that they can identify their drawbacks and rectify it as soon as possible. Thus, email results are measurable and one can target their prospects effectively and efficiently.

Following are the metrics that you can identify with the help of email marketing softwares-

Open Rate

Click Rate

Subscribe Rate

Unsubscribe Rate,etc.

Types of Email Marketing Campaigns

Now you are aware what the email marketing is all about and how you can gain the various advantage by using it in your business, it’s time to learn about the types of email marketing campaigns. Always keep in mind that your email campaign will not be effective or worthy for your business until it creates visual appeal for your prospects. You, therefore, don’t have to overlook this component.

When it comes to launch a campaign, it is often seen that marketers don’t pay more attention towards the email desgin and its appealing structure. Check out the folowing structures that a marketer should focus on before launching an email campaign-

eCommerce Email Marketing

If you have an ecommerce store, no doubt you would like it to expand it as far as you can. You definetly want to generate more sales and more revenue to your store. E-commerce email marketing is helpful in fulfilling your such objectives very efficiently and effectively. Thus, e-commerce email marketing refers to the process of using emails for your online store promotion. In this way, ecommerce email marketing allows you to communicate directly with your prospects who have showed their interest on your online store. Moreover, it can be said that e-commerce is useful in building and maintaining top-quality and long-lasting relationships with your customers.

Always Remember, your prospect or customer is in different stage of your sales funnel. So you have to prepare your ecommerce email marketing campaigns accordingly.

Common Stages in ecommerce email marketing


This is for those customers who didn’t show further interest in purchasing your products. It lets them reengage in your business.

Transaction Emails

These email campaigns assist your customers in recommending best products based on what they have just boughtfrom store.

Welcome Emails

Welcome Emails are such that are designed to tell more about your brand and encourage your prospects.

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