10+ Best Ideas For Diwali Decoration.

Ideas for Diwali Decoration.

Diwali is just around the corner. Did you deck up your house with beautiful Diwali decorations yet? Ran out of ideas? Well, here we are with 10+ Best Ideas for Diwali Decoration. Diwali celebrations are always supposed to be grand and for that, your home needs to look festive and beautiful too. You might have got bored to decorate with the same things every year right? Here you will find new and innovative ideas that will make your Diwali preparations much easier.

Usually, people get so busy with other things during Diwali that they leave decorations for the last moment and finally end up doing something very simple. But don’t do this mistake! Start your Diwali preparations early and make everything look absolutely perfect! So without any further delay, gear up, and let’s get started!

Diwali is one of the biggest and one of the most celebrated festivals in India. The whole of India lights up on this day. The beauty of this festival is that irrespective of religious beliefs, almost every Indian unite and celebrate Diwali. Women and men dress up in their best attire and the aroma of delicious sweets is found in every corner. Relatives, friends, colleagues, and loved ones exchange gifts and are invited to get together and spend quality time. Diwali is celebrated as a sign of the triumph of good over evil.

I am sure you know the history behind this festival. And you are here to know about all the best ideas for Diwali decorations. Below I have mentioned 10+ best ideas for Diwali Decorations including some DIY (Do it yourself) decoration ideas that you can make easily at home. Keep Reading!


1. Clean Your House.

Ideas for Diwali Decoration

The first and foremost thing to do is to clean your house as a part of Diwali Preparation. Throw out all the junk stuff and things that you do not use anymore. Not only will it make your house look more beautiful but also it will free up a lot more space. There are a lot of things in pretty much everybody’s house that we do not use anymore but we have still kept it. It takes up a lot of space. When you clean it out and get more space, you can put something more useful there. After all, who does not want more space in their house?

Cleaning the house should be a regular activity by homeowners but due to our hectic schedule and busy lives, we often neglect to do these things. But you cannot ignore this during Diwali. So get started with dusting and mopping and make your lovely house shine with all the love. Hustle up!

2. Light Up Your Home.

Ideas for Diwali Decoration

Diwali is also known as the festival of lights. So if your house is not decked up with lights, the Diwali celebration will be incomplete, right? So pay full attention to this area and be as creative as you can with light. Artificial lighting like string and wire light decorations are quite common and you can see these decorations in every other person’s house. You can also use this but in a more creative way. For example, you can use bulb design string lights. These are quite new and not many people think about using it. You can also work with star-shaped string lights. Find many different types of string lights on Amazon and deck up your house.

This Diwali, don’t just use artificial lightings. This time, go traditional. Use Diyas and candles for Diwali decorations and light up your house. The candle never goes out of style and you can even use a scented candle to have an extra festive feeling. The beautiful scent of the candles will make this Diwali more memorable. If you have stairs in your house, use Diyas on every step of the staircase. It would look even more decorative and beautiful

3. Bring Flowers Into Your Diwali Celebration.

Ideas for Diwali Decoration

Flowers are an important element in almost every festival in India. However, for some reason or the other, when it comes to Diwali we seem to neglect flowers. We focus so much on lights and Diyas and sweets and everything else that we totally forget to include flowers too. That is a big mistake. Flowers can make your Diwali decoration much more beautiful with much less effort.

Flowers are one of the best ideas for Diwali decoration. You can do a lot of experiments with different varieties of flowers. If you have the time and energy then you can make a rangoli with different colors of flowers. Yellow or orange-colored flowers are perfect for Diwali celebrations. So you can choose marigold flowers to decorate your house in whatever way you want. If you want a contrast to the yellow and orange color you can always add some red carnations. Cerise roses look very beautiful too. Cerise roses also symbolize admiration and appreciation. This will appear to be very meaningful.

4. Play a Little With Colours

Ideas for Diwali Decoration

Playing with colors during Diwali can only mean Rangoli right? Rangolis are quite an essential decoration in Diwali Preparation. Though rangoli takes quite a lot of time to be assembled it is totally worth it. You can use as much color as you want and make it look much vibrant. Colors bring a tint of freshness into the house which is a much-needed factor during festivals.

Now, you can get creative with rangolis too. You always do not have to follow the traditional style and work with colors. You can get creative and make a rangoli with Diyas and colors or flowers and colors or you can also try and make a whole rangoli out of flowers especially marigold and top it with Diyas. Those decorations look absolutely gorgeous.

5. Mix Flowers With Lights

Ideas for Diwali Decoration

Flower light decorations are something very new and trendy. This is more like a DIY decore idea. You can buy flowers of your choice and color and combine it with string lights of different kinds. It would give an aesthetic look to your house. You would have to do it yourself if you want natural flowers but if you’re running out of time then you can always buy it online. They offer artificial flowers attracted to your lights. One of the best ideas for Diwali decoration is to make it yourself!

The additional benefit of using natural flowers is that the aroma of flowers will fill up your house. You would not get this benefit with artificial flowers. So it’s always better to go with natural ones even though it is a little time-consuming and you would have to put in the effort. But this is the whole point of festivals right? Even other family members can join you and help you out with this. This will only increase the bonding between your family as you get to spend some quality time with each other.

6. Get Creative With Water.

Ideas for Diwali Decoration

It’s time to unlock the creative side of your brain and get ready to use water elements for Diwali Decoration. The most common thing you can do is use floating candles. You can take an ethnically designed bowl and fill it up with water and then put the floating candles on top of it. It looks very elegant and classy.

You can also do this with floating Diyas to give it a more traditional look. Mix and match with some flowers of your choice for more decorations. Use scented candles or aromatic flowers. You can keep these on the coffee table so that everybody who comes to your house can see this beautiful decoration.

7. Add Little Glitter To Your Diwali Decoration.

Glitters can make everything look better. Add a little glitter to your flower vase and put natural flowers in it. It looks very chic and it is trendy too. Not only that you can put a little more effort and make art craft design with glitter papers and decorate your home with it.

You can also hang glitter balls in different parts of your house. Make sure the glitter balls are of bright colors otherwise it might go unnoticed and you obviously do not want your efforts to go in vain. Another fun thing you can do with glitters is that you can buy glitter bottles and keep in with your other showcases. This looks very stylish and would be appropriate for the festive season.

8. DIY Diwali Decor Ideas

DIY decor ideas can be one of the best elements of decoration in your house on Diwali if you execute it right. You can create a lot of beautiful things from scratch. For example, you can decorate paper cups with light. All you have to do is choose attractive paper cups to make holes in certain places with scissors and make a garland with lights out of it.

You can also get creative and decorate your house with homemade torans from papers. These look really attractive. You obviously cannot use fresh flowers if it is homemade but don’t be discouraged! It will last longer than the ones made with natural flowers. You can also create a lot of design with art and craft paper and place in different parts of your house. Another thing you can do is paint your Diyas.

9. Candles Designed With Henna.

Yes! You read it right. You can design your plain monochromatic candles with henna to make it look beautiful. Buy the candles and make whatever design you wish to do on it with henna. Afer the design si complete let it dry for some time and then apply a single coat of PVC glue on top of it with some water.

After the first coat dries apply a second coat of the glue. This is done to make sure that the henna designs stays on the candle. You should make the design at the lower surface of the candle so that even if the upper side melts the design will still be intact.

10. Decoration with Glass Bottle Lights.

Glass bottle lights are very trendy. You can either make it yourself or you can even buy it online. However, if you choose to make it yourself it will always the best. Because its takes very less time and effort to do this. And if you decide to buy it online they would give you exactly the same thing but at a much higher rate.

So to make it at home all you need is different shapes of glass bottles and string lights of whatever colour you prefer. Put the string lights into the glass bottles. You can keep these on coffee tables or you can hang these on the balcony with other string lights.


So these were the ideas for Diwali decoration. I hope you got some inspiration and idea as to how to decorate your house on this Diwali. If you have any queries feel free to ask them in the comment section below. I will be happy to answer them for you.

Wish you a very happy and safe Diwali!

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