15 Amazing Free Chrome Extensions For SEO

15 Amazing Free Chrome Extensions For SEO

SEO is very important for any website or web page. This helps you to improve website quality and helps to increase the traffic to the website. But Different SEO tools give different ideas. Some help us to choose the best keyword for our website. Whereas some help us to choose better link data. We have to choose the best one for our website because there is no perfect tool. But today I will help you with your SEO. Here are 15 Amazing Free Chrome Extensions For SEO. This will help you with your SEO to choose better.

Here we go.

1. SEO Inspector- META

The Meta tag is very important for your website. This creates a big difference in your website. And will help you to create traffic on your websites.

1. SEO Inspector- META

For this, you can use the tool META SEO Inspector. Using this tool you can easily check your META tags are set up correctly or not. With this tool, you can easily check what is missing in your blog. And can correct it in easy steps. By correcting and fulfilling all the requirements you can increase traffic to your website.

2. By Redirecting Path

Through the Redirect path, you can easily check whether your redirect path is working properly or not. From time to time you are changing your URL or adding new content or deleting old content. Whatever the changes this Extention will tell you what’s going wrong. And help you to redirect your path correctly.

Redirecting Path

3. Buzzsumo

Social media is the best way to generate traffic for your website. So, you can ignore this platform. Through Buzzsumo Extension you can check how many social sharing and backlinks have any articles. And can check their traffic gathering from the social media platform. BuzzSumo is an incredibly famous help for staying up with the latest via online entertainment patterns and powerhouses. With the Chrome augmentation, you can see how frequently each piece of content has been shared on various web-based entertainment channels.

This will also give you the Backlink counts.

By using this extension you can surely get an idea about the type of content and the backlinks you need to attach.


4. Keyword Surfer

A Keyword surfer is the most important tool in SEO. This will help you to know to analyze google search results without logging into. With Keyword Surfer you can see the global search volume as well as the search volume in your reason. This tool will also help you to know the ranking domain details. You will get numerous heavenly elements here, for example, get comparative catchphrase looks for 70 nations, assist you in word with counting, accurate watchword highest level page, and substantially more. While getting such astounding capabilities, no requirement for paid apparatuses now when this free expansion for the SEO movement is accessible. Likewise, you will get a Cost for each Click for your Primary watchword.

Keyword Surfer -Chrome Extensions For SEO

5. Moz

Moz created a chrome extension called Mozbar that tells you the domain authority and also page authority for any page on the web. So, the higher the domain authority, the higher the ranking will be. Get the moment metric while utilizing this predominant device called MozBar. Assuming you want to get free chrome expansions that can be useful for the whole SEO action then you should attempt for MozBar.

6. Similar Web

Through a Similar Web Extension, you can get the exact details of the traffic details. By the use of a similar web Extension, you can check the website traffic and key metrics for any other website. Also, you can check the keyword ranking, traffic source, and engagement rate. These details will surely help you to rank your website on the search list. And help you to increase the traffic to your website. SimilarWeb expansion furnishes you with inside and out an investigation into site traffic and key measurements like commitment rate, traffic positioning, watchword positioning, and traffic source.

 Similar Web- Chrome Extensions For SEO

7. Check my links

Through the Chrome Extensions For SEO –link checker, you can check your internal links on your website. This is a link checker that crawls on your website and looks for broken links. When you are working on your webpage then you are connecting lots of internal links on your website, and while editing it’s difficult to check all the links.

Then here comes “check my links“. Using this tool you can easily identify all the broken links to your website. So that you can fix that as soon as possible.

8. Speed of the Page Insights

Loading time always matters when you are publishing your website. This also affects the ranking of your website. You have to make sure that your website should take less time to load. So, by using the Pagespeed insights extension you can get the google PageSpeed insights score. This tool will help you to know the real-time score on your Desktops, Mobile, and Tab. Page Speed insights will also help you to know the performance score of your website.

Now, most people use Mobile for their search. So through PageSpeed insights, you can represent Mobile friendly score from google.

9. SEO Minion

SEO minion helps you in many ways on a daily basis with SEO tasks. Giving time to the SEO on-page helps you in the improvement and ranking of the page. With the use of the SEO minion tool, you can analyze the broken links, SERP preview, and On-page SEO.

Chrome Extensions For SEO

you can also check all the internal and external links of any webpage. This tool will also help you to know about the broken links so that you can fix this as soon. Also, this will help you to analyze the HTML links to see further issues.

10. Ninja Outreach

Ninja Outreach is a very powerful tool in the chrome extension. This will support you in building on-page SEO links. Which is very much essential to rank your website. Ninja outreach tool helps you to create various links. This will help you to get the Email address. This will help you to increase the outreach of your website.

11. SEO quake

SEO quake tool provides you with all the details of your website.

Using this tool you will get to know the overview of your website like your website Alexa rank. Indexing information on your website, Bing Report. This information will help you to know about the detailed information of your website. And the place where you can prove to get a good ranking In the search list.

SEO quake tool also gives detailed information about the social static of the website. Also, get the full report of the internal and external links.

12. Keywords Everywhere

keyword plays a very important role while doing SEO. So choosing the right keyword is always very important. Tool Keywords everywhere helps you while you are doing a keyword search. Keyword Everywhere shows you monthly search volume, CPC & competition data on 15 plus websites.

Keywords Everywhere

13. Fatrank – Keyword Rank Checker

Through the tool Fatrank, you can check where your website is ranking in Google results. Just by simply visiting a website, clicking the fatrank icon, and typing in your keyword. And you will get to know all the details of your website and where it is ranking.

Chrome Extensions For SEO- Fatrank - Keyword Rank Checker

This Chrome Extensions For SEO tool will also help you to improve your website ranking. And all the details regarding this.

14. VidIQ Vision for YouTube

VidIQ tool is the most famous tool used when you are doing SEO of your YouTube video. This tool will help you to improve the content of your videos and guide you further. Using this tool you will also get the idea of how to increase more views in your video. VidIQ tool will also help you to know what your competitors are doing to rank high.

VidIQ Vision for YouTube

This tool will guide you in the area of improvement. So, that you can work with your content and Rank in the Google search.

15. Bit.ly Extension

Chrome Extensions For SEO tool Bit.ly Extention will help you to shorten your URLs quickly and also shows you the detail of how many clicks links got.

This tool will shorten your URL link in just one click and create Bitlinks with your unique Domain name.

 Bit.ly Extension

So, when you click on this icon, it will give you the shortened URL link which you can use and share directly from the pop-up windows.

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