4 ways to make your podcast SEO friendly

4 ways to make your podcast SEO friendly

Accompanying technical SEO and links, interesting, high-quality, engaging content is one of the three main pillars of any flourishing SEO strategy. Old content strategies use blog posts, images, articles, and sometimes video as the foremost sources of content. This can be excellent for driving traffic and boosting your SEO efforts, podcasts are often neglected and underestimated means. Podcasts can grow your brand and drive direct traffic, whilst adding rich content to your site and promoting your link-building efforts. Of course, you not only need to know how to optimize your podcasts for SEO but also how to rank well on the platforms precise to podcasts. So whether you’re springing out or are an established podcaster. Read on ways to make your podcast SEO friendly

1. It’s all in the title-

What does it need for your podcast to be discovered on iTunes and Google Play? It’s all in the heading. The iTunes ranking algorithm for podcasts lays heavy importance on the title of the podcast, in addition to factors like the total number of sponsors and the total number of reviews for the podcast.

You need to find a title for your podcast which is compelling and exciting, you shouldn’t have a title which is so vague or non-intuitive that it doesn’t manifest in clear language what your podcast is regarding.

2. Optimize your RSS feed-

Many users don’t use RSS approximately as much as in the past, your RSS feed syndicates your podcast on Google Play Music, iTunes and most other podcast platforms available. Basically, your RSS feed is what people are supporting when they subscribe to your podcast on any platform.

So whenever you want to update your show’s title or description, you have to refresh it in your RSS feed. This may take 24 hours for any of the areas to update on iTunes or other directories.

3. Recycle your content-

Many of the tips highlighted in this article were drawn from a couple of episodes of the Marketing Speak podcast. Therefore, taking existing content and modifying it into another piece is an excellent way to leverage resources that you already have. You can take the content from your podcast and utilize it into articles, infographics, blog posts, slide presentations, videos and so on.

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4. Seek professional help-

We would recommend hiring a digital marketing company that can take the SEO of your podcasts onto the next level. They take care of your SEO work properly, from optimizing your podcast on different platforms to making it rank on search engines.

So, here is the list of the 4 ways to make your podcast SEO friendly. This will provide you various guidelines while working on it. If you’re looking for digital marketing services, then contact us for more details.

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