5 Emerging Trend Of 2020 Will Hit Indian Real Estate

Indian economist believes that the upcoming Real Estate Trend 2020 gives lots of opportunities to the investors. In 2019 the economic situation of India was not so good. The GDP growth rate during the first quarter of India falling to 5% low. The Real Estate along with other industries faced the crisis and slowdown of the economy in 2019. All those segments, Real Estate in 2019 will be solved in 2020. Read below the launch of upcoming Real Estate trend 2020:-

1. Housing for all Project Will Be Continue in 2020

Started in 2015 by our government of India “Housing For All by 2020” is still in the process. Most of the city is on the way to become a metro city like Patna. Patna Metro Project is Officially announced and the work is in the process. Which will provide a lot of the investors to invest in the properties. Many other projects are also in the pipeline. The government of India already invested a lot in the upcoming projects. This will give many opportunities to the investors to invest in Real Estate 2020.

2. Upgradation of Technology

The door of opportunities in the Real Estate is also increasing by up-gradation of the new technologies. Using the latest way of technology for the construction of the properties, also reduce the time to build the property as well as construction will be strong. An increase in technology will also increase employment for the people. Technology will reduce the cost of construction of the property and can view the site without visiting the site.

3.Showcasing The Property Online

In 2020 around all the Real Estate property will Showcase their property online. This will automatically enlarge the business of Property. People can view the site and all the details of the Real Estate property virtually. Investors can also book the property online, which will save them time and money as well. An increase in online technology will boost the confidence of the property dealer as well as a property buyer.

4. More Foreign Investment is likely To Invest in Commercial Real Estate 2020

commercial Indian Real Estate has shown impressive growth by different countries. Investment by the foreign countries will boost the economic situation of the countries, According to the data around $14 billion of the foreign investors invested in Real Estate in the previous year. Commercial Real Estate growth in India is almost all the cities in India. Its transparency, profitability is likely to invest more in India by 2020.

5.More Investment By The Government Of India

By the upcoming year, 2020 many government projects for Real Estate are in pipeline. After the completion of the various metro projects like a metro project of Patna, many doors for the investment will be open. This will give the investors to invest in the Real Estate of india. The latest trends of the showcasing of the property online will automatically boost, by the new opportunities and increase of competition in Real Estate of India.

The year 2020 investor will focus more to sell the upcoming projects as well as the ongoing property projects. As 25000 crores fund from the government housing project. This will hopefully bring the economic situation of India Back in track.

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