8 Mistakes- Your Social Media Isn’t generating leads

8 Mistakes-your social media Isn't generating leads

Now, almost every Real Estate agents promote their business in the world of Social Media. As they know the power and Reachability of this platform. But unfortunately, after many efforts in the way, they fall aside. Increasing the “social media followers” and “converting the leads” is not an easy task. Even after trying so many tricks, most of the Real Estate Agents fail in the Digital Platform. So, this is very necessary to understand why your Social Media isn’t generating leads. The most growing platform is the Social Media platform so, most of the Delegates CEOs are regularly promoting their business in the Social Media platform. But doing this is not an easy task for most of the Real Estate agents as they think. So, let’s know what are 8 Mistakes- Why Your Social Media Isn’t generating leads and holding back to your Business.

1. Not Going Forward with the paid Advertisement-Social Media Isn’t generating leads

Due to an increase in the demand for Social Media platforms, Competition is also increasing in the digital platform. So, it becomes tough to stand in the competition. This is very important to use the Advertisement platform, to make a place in the mind of the client for your brand. Advertisement helps to remind your brand again and again to your client. So, it very important to advertise your product through the latest way, through Social Media Channel.

8 Mistakes- Your Social Media Isn't generating leads

Also, we can’t deny that the screen sizes and the duration of the time available to spend watching advertisements are finite, And with the passing day’s amount of content created and posted is increasing fastly. In most social media, the time limit for advertisement is just for 60 seconds. So, it’s becoming more and more challenging to make sure that your message gets seen. For this, you have to choose paid advertisements so that you must get into the list of shown advertisements.

This will increase the growth of your business in a quick and better way!

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2. Not growing your Connections as much required

This point is very challenging, to grow your connections regularly. In the Real Estate business, the connection works in a great way. But make sure you target only Recommended people to your connection. So, your connections will help you to generate leads.

Make sure you establish a connection with those people who somehow interested in your Real Estate business. Either they are your neighbor or people that own properties located near your area.

Also, the most important steps are to avoid fake connections. When you are paying for your advertisement on social media platform then make sure you get the full benefit of it. By connecting the correct target on social media will help you to generate leads for your Real Estate business. Don’t pay for fake social media followers. Make sure every week you will connect to at least 10 new people or followers.

Your activeness on your social media business page will indicate you and your Real Estate business activeness and this will help you to generate more leads for your business.

3. Your Social media “Marketing strategy”- Social Media Isn’t generating leads

Following a correct Marketing is an “ART”.Taking the correct step and increasing the engagement on the page is the main motive of Social media “Marketing strategy”.

“Give them quality. That is the best kind of advertising”- by Milton Hershey

Correctly said- Quality is a king in the social media marketing. If you would like to make your Real Estate brand successful, you have to make it attractive, and engaging which requires a lot more attention. So, your Social Media Marketing should be entertaining, educational, Informative. Always put new ideas in your social media pages and give information about your new projects, new ideas and of course new offers on your Real Estate business. This strategy will surely help you to generate more leads to your business through social media platforms.

Social media "Marketing strategy"

Many people complain that they have tried Social Media in many ways but those ideas are not working to generate leads. As per my suggestion, you must have to try Social Media Marketing Strategies in the correct way. Like you need to measure the engagement of the people on your page and How will you use those leads in your Real Estate business.

4. You are not Regular with your content

To get attention from your clients you need to post regularly on your social media page. This is the thumb rule of the Social Media Platform. To remain visible on the social media platform you need to post regularly. You need to post one content in the week.

The content which you will post on the social media page must be full of fresh ideas of Real Estate business. Also, you can add your new offers and discounts on your page. These details will help your audience to get more connected to your business. This whole concept will help you to generate more leads for your business through social media. The most important concept in which you have to keep in mind that there is very little chance when your followers will see your content when you are promoting your content is free. So, for the long run make sure to promote paid content advertisement on your website.

5. You have not Installed Pixel yet

Pixel is a tracking code that gives you the greatest opportunity to convert vendors. You can just install Pixel on your website to help Facebook to capture information about the visitors of your website. After installation, you can track people engaging with your Facebook page.

People who somehow get engaged with your social media content or social media ads are leads for your business. There are chances that you won’t always be able to find their name and details. But through pixel, a database of contacts can be stored in your Facebook advertisement account. After getting the details of the audience you can retarget them again. So, the data that you get through social media is very important to grow your Real estate business.

6. You have tasked your business to non-experienced

The major mistakes which often people do, to give control of your marketing department to the non-experienced person.As a Fresher people always try different things and try their skills in a different ways.Which will leads to the experiments in the business. But if you really want your social media marketing efforts to generate leads for your real estate business then you need to engage a professional marketer for your business.

Working with a professional who is qualified and experienced will lead you to get more success in less time. And your business can be trained to undertake some of the less technical activities of your marketing strategy. Although with the non- experienced person you may get the result after a certain period. But if you would like to get the results and generate leads from your business then surely you need an experienced person.

7. Too much control over your account

We see that most of the Real Estate agent hold there account to them self only and don’t allow anyone else to give any ideas. But when we are talking about to generate the leads from the social media platform then you must have to be very liberal with your account and let people discuss a few ideas to get more leads for your business. You need to grow your understandings regarding the sharing of social media accounts.

So, if you want to generate the leads for your business and also you have very little time to manage your Real Estate social media account. Then you can give the charge of your social media to the hired person. They will help you out to get things done in proper way and at the right time so, that you can get the results fast and can generate more leads for your business.

8. Taking the free advice so seriously

“Always watch the free advice”

Truly said in the Digital platform you will surely get so much free advice. People who will give you the surety of their past work experience will try to connect with you with their words. I highly recommend you to please check their past experiences and their work profile before adopting their free advice for your business.

However, people with no marketing or advertisement qualifications or expertise in the advertisement field promote themselves as social media experts and will offer their social media secrets for free. So, it is very important to connect with the person from time to time to make sure about their working profile. and for surety, you can also sign some deal between both of you. Understand and listen to what they have to say, but before applying to, check the words properly. Always use your common sense before taking any final decision.

Else you can take the advice of any professional worker to generate the leads from the social media platform. So, be smart and go with the paid professional, for your work to be done properly in a professional way.

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