10+ Best Ways to Generate Real Estate Leads by Google ads

How to generate real estate leads by Google ads

With time passing by technology has upgraded so much. Now real estate sellers have shifted to Google to ease their way. Google has become result oriented platform for real estate to sell or buy properties across Globe. But the thing is only Search Engine Optimization or SEO cannot provide you the best position guaranteed. Google ads help to generate real estate faster. But if you do not want to open any website. And want to promote your real estate business in hometown Patna. Then there is lead generation & digital marketing company in Patna is here to help you.

And for that reason, you definitely have to take help of Google ads. Paid Google ads are the best and easiest way to get the brand name in top of the searches. Some reports say that the digital marketing for real estate & Google ads help you in many ways.  Through Google ads you can buy and sell real estate properties in a better way than previous. 

Due to a very high competition in real estate, it is a bit difficult to get higher rank on the search engine. But to ease out the difficulty, many business owners are preferring paid Google ads to get a higher ranking in the chart.

But before that let us see how google ads can help you to rank in top of the chart. Business competitors bid for a paid keyword. And the company getting the keyword has the opportunity to have a higher rank than their competitors.  But you have to keep in mind that only paid Google ads cannot give you the rank.

The Quality score is another factor to get a higher rank in the chart. Google examines your website’s rating, keywords, and all over performance and then decides your quality score. The higher your quality score is the easier your chances of ranking becomes. Google AdWords helps with the conversion rate in real estate.

So, here are 10+ best ways to generate real estate leads by Google ads and how it helps to get a higher ranking.

1. Bidding on branded keywords will generate leads in real estate by Google ads

Real estate is a difficult thing. And that is why you need to handle it very tactfully. People searching for real estate can find your brand name variously. Your brand name that is why need to be on top of the search list.

People could hear about you through different people or they can also see your poster somewhere. But when they search for your brand name and do not find you on the first page, you just lost the chance to have clients.

If you do not want to face this problem you have to bid high for keywords. So that your brand name appears on the very first of the search results. Your competitors will definitely try to steal your keywords for higher ranking.

But to have the top place you always need to bid high to get the properly branded keywords for your brand. And having that perfect keyword in the Google ads will definitely help you to generate leads in real estate. Bidding for keywords is a kind of Digital Marketing for real estate. 

2. Geo-Targeting will help to get leads in your region

Geo-Targeting is another important and helpful aspect of Google ads. It will help you to get those people who are interested in buying properties in your region. For example Real estate in Patna. You can optimize this in your Google ads to get the attention of only interested people.

Having a limited target in the region is helpful. Because it will reduce unnecessary spending of money on keywords. Brands who have a limited budget in real estate should go for this option. As it will not only reduce the cost of keywords. But it will help to increase profit by optimizing other branded keywords for interested people.

Excluding the people who are not in your region will help your brand to use the money on paid Google ads where it actually is needed. And through this part of Google ads, your brand will definitely generate leads in the real estate business.

3. Having the right negative keywords help to generate leads in real estate through Google ads

So, I guess till now it has cleared that keywords play a very important part in ranking. But it will amaze you that there is a thing called negative keywords. It is a very powerful tool for real estate agents. It will help you to limit and exclude people from seeing your ads.

If you are clear about your targeted customers. You do not need to waste the Google keywords for people who are not eligible for your property. So, you can simply exclude them from your ads.

For example, you do not want to target cottage owners. So, you can list the cottage as a negative keyword and limit your customers.

Also, not always your criteria match with the homebuyers’ criteria. And for that reason, too, the negative keyword has become a useful tool nowadays. You can wisely use it to reach out to those people who are more likely to contact you.

4. Target the best Google Ad positions in real estate

Ad position means the order of your ad in the auction results comparing to other ads. And having the position of “1” in ad position means your ad was the best and ahead from other ads.

But it does not mean that your ad will be shown on the top of the organic search result. If there are no other ads to show, your ad will be shown below the search results.

To have the position of “1” means your ad has a high Click-through rate (CTR) and a high Cost per click (CPC). But not always this top position can be helpful for you.

Because having even a small difference in CTR can draw 50% more traffic to your ad. But it will significantly raise your CPC and you might not be able to handle the expense of it. Which will leave you having no profit at all.

So, to balance it you need to low your bid on keywords. Your brand name is the only exception you have and for that reason, keywords related to your brand will have a low CPC. So, you can bid high on them to have a position of “1” for the ownership of your brand.

5. Having Hyper-Targeted Ad copy will generate leads in real estate by Google ads

To engage people in your Google AdWords text copy. You definitely need to write engaging and attracting Google ads. The ads need to have an impact on the psychology of the homebuyers to stand out. Otherwise, whether you have ranked ads, no one will open it if it is not attractive.

You always need to think about how you can draw homebuyers to your brand also to improve your conversions once they have contacted you. And to make this thing easy you need a top professional copyrighter. Who will make your ad campaigns the best. And also, they will craft your brand’s message smoothly to blend with other marketing media.

How to generate real estate leads by Google ads

Always think about your audience and customers’ needs. The psychology of the customers is to get attracted to friendly and helpful titles. Having the same ads matching your customer’s requirements will totally help you to generate leads in real estate by Google ads.

6. Make longtail niche keywords to market the property

Focusing on longtail niche keywords can help to attract customer’s attention very quickly to your ads. It is basically a search phrase having 3 or more words that people usually search for in their home areas. It helps in real estate marketing hugely. For example:

  • It generates ads to show qualified and high leads.
  • It targets the buyers from your region interested in buying property.

You have to make a list of what you can offer to the customers. And just add it to your keywords as additional details to draw more homebuyers to your brand. For example:

  • You must add the location of the property (like: Patna homes for sale) (Real estate in Patna) (Buy flats in Patna)
  • Mentioning the specifications and size of the property (like: Patna homes for sale with three bedrooms)

  • Mention the price of the property (like: Patna homes for sale worth Rs. 10,00.00/-)

If you modify your headings with these details, it would be easier for the homebuyers to find your brand easily. To have a strong longtail keyword you need to understand what people search in ads. This will help you to reach the targeted audience easily. And through the Google ads, accurate leads will generate in the real estate business.

7. Using Google Ads extension will help you to generate leads in real estate

Google Ads extensions are a small piece of information that will help your ad to get more clicks because it will be more relatable to the customers.  There are many types of Google Ads extension. But you do not need all of that. I have given a list of some important Google Ads to help in real estate.

A.Location Extension

This extension will help you to add your location in the adverts section. It will not only encourage people to contact you, but it will also generate authenticity and trust in people’s psychology.

B.Sitelink Extension

Sitelink Extension provides the buyers directly have the information that they need. By clicking on the extension, the viewers will directly find the best relevant page for themselves.

This also can have an impact on the CTR because it helps people to find the exact thing, they are looking for without wasting much time.

C.Price Extension

It is a very obvious thing that everyone has a budget. And for that reason, most of the buyers would want to see the price of the property first. This extension shows the prime answer of most of the buyers on the search page result.

How to generate real estate leads by Google ads

This extension also offers different rates of prices to add on to the brand. So it will be easy for the customers to get the best property according to their price criteria.

D. Call Extension

The call extension is another extension that seems very helpful to people. Because most people use smartphones nowadays and by having this extension to the brand it will be easier for your customers to get in touch with you easily.

So, these extensions definitely help to generate leads in real estate through Google ads. Now, let us see how Google ads help to generate leads in the real estate business.

In this way Google Ads will help you to generate real estate leads

1. Google ads help to get the best traffic

As we discussed previously the real estate business has a lot of tough competitors. And to go ahead of that competition Google ads help you. For example, if you have a shop on a busy road it will definitely have more customers.

Similarly, if your website can utilize Google ads in the right manner, it will also have huge search traffic. When your brand name appears on the first page of the search results, it naturally draws more traffic. So, in this manner, Google ads help to generate leads in real estate.

2. Google ads provide you a place on the map

In the age of technology, most people use Google maps to search for local businessmen or property dealers. And when you use Google ads for your brand, you appear on the Google map too. Google ads will help you to get the best position on the Google map and this will make your website draw the attention of homebuyers.

3. Google ads are helpful to get leads around the web

Google ads not necessarily point to your website directly all the time. It indirectly points customers to your website too. Google ads will help your website to get the attention of buyers even on some other page. It will lead people to your brand by showing different types of properties according to their criteria.

4. Google ads help to know consumer insights

Google ads help to see you the data about how many people have seen your ad. Having personalized settings for Google ads help to know about the words that are searched by the clients and also to look more perfect than other websites. Monitoring the data weekly will help to improve the keywords or images and it will definitely be very helpful for your marketing strategy.

Conclusion on Real estate lead generation

So, I have covered the 10+ best ways to generate leads in real estate by Google ads and also how Google ads help in generating leads. The prime thing you have to understand the psychology of the homebuyers and small tactics of drawing their attention to your website. These ways will help you to get qualified leads for your brand.

How to generate real estate leads by Google ads

Patna is a city where the real estate business is flourishing. So, if you are eager to promote your real estate business you can contact digital marketing companies in Patna Google Ads is not the only way to generate leads. Digital marketing for real estate will help you to generate accurate estate leads. Email marketing is an another way to be in touch with your targeted leads or customer. Digital marketing is a tool for real estate agent. Without digital marketing you can never reach to your customer. 

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