COVID-19: Bihar’s construction labors lurch!

COVID-19: Bihar's construction lurch

The state labour resources department, in this epidemic time, has not come up with a solid plan. For construction workers who would be jobless for another 21-days lockdown to halt the spread of coronavirus. And surely this will effects them for the long way. Also, it will take almost a month to return back to work after the completion of lockdown. So, let’s see what all effects of COVID-19: Bihar’s construction work lurch.

Union labour resources Minister Santosh S Gangwar had proclaimed in New Delhi. Its all the states have been valuing to take steps to transfer money from their particular Construction Cess Fund (CCF). So, to the personal accounts of the certified construction workers, get through the direct benefit transfer (DBT) scheme.

But officially Bihar are still at the planning stage as per the interrogations by media. However, in Bihar, the CFF is received by Other Constructing Workers. Like Welfare Board and Bihar Building. Now the analysis is being performed by the authorities that show- between 2014-15 fiscal years. And its approx 12.95 lakh building construction and labours were enrolled. From which, 3.39 lakh labours were the receivers of Rs. 202 crore from the CFF.

COVID-19: Bihar's construction labors lurch!

And during the financial years 2018-19, more than 3.6 lakh building constructed. And other workers had enrolled themselves with the welfare board to enjoy the benefits. An amount of Rs 80.9 crore was dispensed among 2.58 lakh labours after due processing of their forms.

The official order has made it clear that labourers have to do online registration to avail the benefits from CFF again.

So, now labourers are moving towards the online registrations to avail the benefits. Moreover, the welfare schemes involving death and maternity advantages also. Like cash award, money disbursement for marriage, fund distribution for education, cycle. And instrument purchase plan as well as for medicinal assistance. Every mentioned facilities are now turning to online platform.

Before the announcement of lockdown on Tuesday night. Numerous areas in Patna used to hustle with construction labour. standing in a queue to be hired for the day’s work. So, they will get work for the day. The famous areas included Pachmukhi Mandir on East Boring Canal Road, Kadamkuan, Rajabazar, Boring Road crossing, Rajapur Pul, Anisabad Digha, and Jagdeopath, which are rural areas. But after lockdown COVID-19: Bihar’s construction work lurch. And will effects in any way. And all the workers get back to their hometown. As they totally depend on the day to day earning. So, after the lockdown, surely they started facing problem to sustain their day to day life.

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