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With the expansion and advancement of technology and social media, the ways we communicate have also changed. It has provided us with instant, effective and impressive ways of communication. We can now connect with people sitting at the other side of the world. Make them friends, clients, customer or followers; we can reach all of them using the help of digital software in our mobile and computer devices. From work to shopping, education to entertainment, and banking to buying houses, everything is available at the click of a button. That’s why digital marketing for real estate in Patna and India is very important now a day.

Not only the buyers, the real estate developers also agree on the fact that digital marketing is the best and quickest way of generating leads. They provide the property related information, price, and contact details on their portals and the property listings are viewed by thousands of potential buyers every day.

Apart from busy schedules and lazy excuses, the present generation prefers using the internet first to churn out all the information and options about the real estate listings that suit their requirements the best. It would be a foolish act for a person to house hunt in a totally unknown place. The internet provides the access to hundreds of real estate portals where one can shortlist the suitable properties on the basis of budget, accommodation, and proximity to nearest basic amenities.

Now with the new real estate bill passed and implemented, buyers and investors can rely more on the digital services provided by the realtors. Using the digital marketplace, the developers can provide 3D floor plans, aerial views, 360-degree views and more of the location on their portal for the buyers to explore the property from each direction while enjoying the comfort of sitting at their homes.

Developers can also take help of digital marketing agency like which is digital marketing company in Patna and India to get leads from social media and take advantage of social media platforms as they engage most of the people almost all the times. Just some good graphics and grammatically correct content can help grab the eyes of the potential buyers and investors.

For the same is an integrated digital platform that connects every major touch point in the real estate process, from the initial search to closing, for buyers and sellers alike. Revolutionizing the real estate experience, making the task of buying, selling or renting more transparent and less complex by bridging the online and offline components of the transaction cycle for a more digitally streamlined and connected real estate ecosystem. Consumers can access the platform on desktop or by using the iOS or Android mobile app.

Digital marketing for real estate Industry is very cost-friendly. With the help of digital marketing, developers can reach the target audience in less time while creating an impressive and lasting impact. On the internet, developers get tools, ideas, and the even the list of the potential home buyers. Since most of the people hunt houses online, it has become a platform for the home buyers and sellers to get what they need in just one click. When compared to the print and on-air media, the digital media marketing proves out to be the best of all. It does almost the same work in less than half of the total cost while generating quick revenues. is the digital marketing company in Patna and India which works for Digital marketing in real estate industry and helps real estate companies to generate leads online and provide them all other digital marketing services

Real Estate Businesses That Can Benefit from Digital Marketing

Whether you are a property manager, home inspector, real estate developer, or involved in leasing, digital marketing for real estate can help your business. A marketing strategy for real estate is not limited to just buying and selling houses, and at Tandem Interactive, we fully understand that. Our digital marketing services can help many businesses in real estate including, but not limited to:

Property Managers

Leasing Agents

Home Inspectors

Real Estate Appraisers

Real Estate Developers

Leasing Consultants

Real Estate Agents

Home Staging Services

Leasing Services

Title Companies

& more

When you work with Tandem Interactive, you will receive a full, custom real estate marketing strategy based on your goals and business type. Our marketing services include SEO, PPC, social media, email marketing, and more. We’re an open house listing – you can be a part of your marketing strategy when you outline your marketing goals. Our experts at will get your business listed on Google faster and better than you can ever imagine. Contact us today and learn how we can help develop a strategic digital marketing plan for your real estate business so you can open the doors to more business and close sales left and right.

How Digital Marketing is Changing the Face of the Real Estate Industry:

When it comes to marketing, digital is the way of the future.

Digital marketing can provide advantages to different industries, and, in the case of the real estate industry, the results are almost transformative.

Although people will always make the final choice to buy in person, a majority of research is done by buyers beforehand, making them form strong opinions before even viewing properties. For this reason, realtors are advised to maintain a strong online presence.

The conveniences provided by digital also help brokers make the buying process more convenient for customers, giving them options to tour their properties online and making the paperwork process one that they can complete without ever having to actually step into to realtor’s office.

In addition to that, there are also some trending apps that real estate agents should consider looking into to increase efficiency and get a leg up on the competition:

Plabro: This app has a back-end algorithm that shows user’s preference and provides property updates based on these preferences. It also shows analytical data on real estate trends.

Smart Agent Connect: This is a bit like a Facebook for realtors, letting agents create business circles and take part in real estate deals quickly. It also helps realtors create custom web sites and improve customer relations.

Benefits of Digital Marketing in Real Estate

If you are in the real estate industry, these are some benefits of digital marketing that can help you:

  • Cost efficient: Digital marketing can be less expensive than other types of advertising, and sometimes even free, which is a good thing in this industry where expenses can start to add up for agents.
  • Increased exposure: Considering that realtors work with a variety of people in different locations and different income brackets, digital marketing allows them to reach a wide spread of people and customize for target audiences when necessary.
  • Performance Analysis: With digital marketing, you can keep track of how your advertising is doing and which methods are most effective.
  • Brand building: An online presence will help you build your brand and reputation.

Tips for Digital Marketing

When developing a digital marketing campaign for your company, there are many things to consider including building your brand, acquiring customers and customer engagement. To this end, here are some things to consider:

Creating a Website: A realtor’s web site should look professional and attractive and it can serve as a virtual marketplace for home seekers who want to explore their options. It should also include engaging content that will captivate your audience.

A realtor’s landing page should capture audiences with details about the brand and their current projects. Landing pages that are interactive or have video presentations are proven to have more than four times the inquiries as opposed to pages that do not.

The landing page should be accompanied by many additional pages that provide more details about the realtor and his current projects as well as engaging content for prospective buyers

Search Engine Optimization: Because so many people search properties online, its important to have the right keywords incorporated into your pages’ content. It is advisable to get an SEO Planner to help you find the best keywords to use to attract customers.

Create a Blog: Blogging can help with customer engagement and also helps to increase your Google ranking. Research shows that websites with blogs have more than four times the amount of indexed pages than those that do not. Think about blogs that might interest home buyers like tips on home buying and investment options.

Social Media: Social media allows you to connect with your customers on a personal level. Use Facebook to create engaging posts and look into their ads services. Youtube allows you to take advantage of the video market which is very effective in digital marketing. Twitter can help realtors to invite credible third party sources to influence purchasing decisions and Linked in is for anyone looking to expand their business portfolio and network with other relevant professionals.

Customer Acquisition: Of course, all this will contribute to you developing on online presence, but ads can be effective for lead generation.

Facebook Ads: When it comes to digital advertising, Facebook may be the leader with cost efficient, effective ads that allow you to choose your target audience, test marketing in advance and review the results to see which methods are working best.

Google Adwords: Google Adwords can also be effective in digital marketing. Using these, realtors can bid on certain keywords. When customers enter these keywords, the realtor’s clickable ads will appear in Google’s search results.

Emails: Emails can also be a great way to increase revenue. Customers who have shown interest in certain properties can be sent relevant information via email. This is a great way to keep buyers engaged and updated on current developments.

Influencers: Just as with any other industry, influencers can play a valuable role in the buying process. These are influential people who work on a word of mouth sort of basis. When applied to the digital world, realtors might target social media channels and popular bloggers to help influence potential buyers.

While the switch from traditional marketing to digital marketing is not one that will occur overnight, it definitely seems to be a trend that is on the rise in the real estate industry. Research shows there is increased spending on digital marketing in the real estate industry and increased revenue as a result. That being the case, there is little doubt that digital marketing will become more than a trend in the coming years.


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