If your digital marketing hasn’t been yielding the best results, don’t give up just yet! Analyticsonline.inBest SEO COMPANY IN PATNA AND INDIA has a list of digital marketing tactics any agent can implement.

Digital marketing tactics have rapidly evolved with developments in search engine technology. Even marketing and SEO experts have trouble keeping up with every new trend. Fortunately, there are countless apps and web-based digital marketing software that require minimal technical expertise to master.

With a strategic investment in the right tools, some basic marketing know-how, and a will to succeed, your online marketing can generate organic, unpaid traffic to your listings.

You’ll also increase the odds of being discovered more frequently by prospective home buyers researching your geographic farm. This will lead to more traffic, but that’s not always

a good thing. Traffic that you can convert is what matters. Or we are always there to help. Check out our services for BEST SEO SERVICE and CRM management

• In 2018, 77% of Realtors do not have a blog

Creating content is essential for marketers and thought leaders. The NAR study lists on average, 77% of realtors do not have a blog and only 13% plan to have one in the future. SEO remains a key factor in organic searches which drive leads. Realtors that have a blog usually have at least 6 years’ experience or more in real estate. Less experienced realtors can benefit highly by incorporating a blog in their marketing activities.

• Only 26% of Realtors have their own website

Developing and maintaining a business website is important for SEO and organic web traffic. 42% of realtors have a website that was provided by their firm while only 26% or realtors have their own website. In building brand awareness, having a website that is maintained by the realtor is a key SEO strategy. It is common for realtors to be at a firm for 1 year or less (39%) and leave or remain greater than 6 years (23%) at the present firm. With this in mind, a realtor having their own website provides potential leads security should they move to another firm.

• Instagram is used by only 28% of realtors

A growing and popular platform is Instagram. With the addition of IGTV and videos, more people are getting their content from social media. There are many underutilized social media platforms amongst realtors. Only 30% of realtors use YouTube, 28% use Twitter, 21% use Pinterest. This leaves a competitive advantage to realtors who are active on these platforms. Of the most popular platforms, Facebook at 80% and LinkedIn at 71%, using video can give a realtor a competitive advantage on those popular platforms. If you are a realtor who has not been using video or is not on those platforms, now is the time to begin.

• Women Realtors and sales agents are most active on social media

Being active on social media is a factor in success for a realtor just like we have it at ANALYTICSONLINE.IN. Having assistants that can help with such activities helps significantly but is not necessary. Only 18% of realtors with 15 years of experience or more have one assistant. Overall, women are more active than male realtors on social media and normally act alone. 74% of women compared to 66% of male realtors are active on social media. The most popular social media platform is Facebook at 80% use.

• Only 26% of Realtors are “Extremely Comfortable” using Social Media

A low percentage of realtors are comfortable or extremely comfortable with using social media for business. This trend reflects how little realtors use or post to social media. The more content that is posted, the more comfortable realtors become with using social media. Social media is more about brand building than about direct sales. 7% of realtors do not use social media at all.

• An astonishing 41% of realtors do not use Messenger apps to talk with clients

Using Facebook as a brand strategy may not produce conversions as expected since 41% of realtors do not use messenger apps to communicate with clients. Realtors who can utilize apps like Facebook Messenger as a way of communicating with clients show a significant advantage in their marketing activities. Using Facebook Messenger as part of you marketing strategy completes the sales funnel when users visit your page. By not having appropriate funnels in place realtors are leaving money on the table when it comes to messenger apps.

Realtors should begin to become comfortable with social media platforms, blogs, and new uses of technology. Those that can best use video, messaging, and blogging will have a significant edge over other realtors ongoing. SEO benefits will also be seen by having a dedicated website and Google Business listing.


High volume traffic shouldn’t be your only benchmark for success. In addition to volume, evaluate your marketing results with the following criteria in mind:

  • Relevant, local traffic from your geographic farm will help brand you as THE neighborhood realty expert
  • Higher lead conversion and click-through rate means your content is engaging
  • Increased engagement with local businesses, renters, and homeowners will drive referral business
  • More social proof in the form of testimonials, reviews, comments, and shares will build online authority and higher ranking in local search results

Potential buyers and sellers won’t be swayed by your listings or branding unless you have compelling social proof. Even those who are referred to you by word of mouth will check your online credentials for feedback about your trustworthiness.



Email marketing is still one of the most effective digital marketing tactics for agents to generate leads. 86% of consumers would like to receive promotional emails from companies they do business with at least monthly, while 15% would like to get them daily.

Establish yourself as a neighborhood expert. Start an email newsletter to cultivate a subscription base of local homeowners. They will come to you first when they’re finally ready to sell their home.


Optimizing your content and web pages with the right keywords can boost traffic volume to your website and enhance your visibility in search results.

Use a keyword research tool to determine the best keywords. Try long-tail keywords to capture prospects researching information about your farm or the local housing market.


Implement inbound marketing to build your sales funnel. Attractive landing pages and lead magnets will draw qualified prospects to your website, where you can then convert them into subscribers.

Integrate your sales and digital marketing tactics to work together. Funnel online leads to your CRM and segment your database so you can target the right audience with the best offer.


 47% of buyers viewed 3-5 pieces of content before engaging with a sales rep. Informative content (i.e. blog articles, podcasts, webinars, infographics) you produce can be discovered in search engines and on social media by prospects who are researching the housing market.


PPC advertising is still less costly than print advertising, but don’t rely exclusively on AdWords. Did you know that the average conversion rate in AdWords across all industries is only 2.7% on the search network?

Conversions on the display network are even lower at 0.89%. Your PPC advertising should be part of a larger marketing and sales strategy.  If you’re paying for leads, how many of those leads are converting into clients or referral business?


64% of marketers claim they saw the benefits of marketing automation within six months of implementation from us at ANALYTICSONLINE.IN. Marketing automation utilizes AI to track user behavior and engagement on your site. Messages can be triggered with special offers based on a visitor’s browsing history.

With marketing automation tools installed on your website or blog, your engagement will increase, leading to more reviews, comments, shares, and other forms of social proof.


Successful online influencers can earn supplemental income by sponsoring products and services they endorse. Seek out business affiliates who share your values and audience. Partner with them to drive exposure for you and them. This is one of the easiest digital marketing tactics you can implement.

Do you have a favorite app? Is there a local diner you frequent? A brand of coffee you love? Reach out to them and inquire about any affiliate programs they may have.


Online PR is immediate and usually free. You don’t have to wait until next month’s publication or tomorrow’s release. There are a ton of online press release sites eager for interesting stories. And since there’s no space limit, you don’t pay for cover page positioning the way you would in a magazine or newspaper.

Don’t underestimate the power of a good local human interest story.  Write a case study about your community and share it with the press. Your digital press releases on multiple media channels and blogs can generate word-of-mouth, increasing your odds of being discovered online. 


Currently, there are over 4 billion downloads of messenger apps globally. Message bots can engage multiple prospects at the moment of discovery. Targeted messaging with crafted offers for different market segments will boost your conversion on these leads.


According to 2015 research by Feedback Systems, 61% of organizations engaged in social selling report a positive impact on revenue growth.


Digital marketing tactics and trends are constantly shifting, but there are significant advantages for agents and brokers who stick with it. Focus your efforts foremost on creating digital content of your own to drive organic traffic and leads.

A wide range of strategies and digital medium exist that agents can avail themselves of to reach qualified prospects online. Leverage multiple online resources to increase your odds of being discovered by prospects researching the market before they buy.

Ultimately, it’s not how many people you reach that matters, but the quality of those engagements. The best digital marketing strategies are driven by thoughtful, helpful content that resonates with your target audience just like how we do it at ANALYTICSONLINE.IN

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