Dussehra Decoration Ideas For Home In 2021

Dussehra Decoration Ideas For Home

Dusshera is the forthcoming festival. The festive season is going to be in full swing. The residents have already begun decorating their homes in preparation for the festive season. Dussehra, also known as Vijayadashmi is one of India’s most important festivals, with ten days of rituals. So, here we have come up with Dussehra decoration ideas for your home, as well as office.

Dussehra is a festival in India that commemorates the triumph of good over evil. Dussehra is widely celebrated in the eastern and southern parts of the country to commemorate Goddess Durga’s victory over the evil king Mahishasura.

However, in the northern as well as western regions of India, It falls on the 10th day of the Hindu calendar’s Ashwin or Kartik months. And commemorates Lord Rama’s triumph over king Raavana, the demon king.  Both mythologies represent how, despite many difficulties and obstacles in life, and at the end, the good always triumphs.

This year the Dussehra will fall on 15th October 2021 so preparations have begun in earnest. To decorate your home for Festive occasions, a variety of accessories and decorative items can be used. If you’re glancing for some insight for an innovative and unique theme for decoration. Then inspect our convenient and simple Dussehra decoration ideas for every home.

Puja room decoration ideas for Dussehra

When it comes to festivals, the puja room is the most important room in the house. Depending on how your Puja room has been set up in your home, there are a number of ways to beautify it. If you have a big space for your Mandir. Then you can strategize and adorn the entire puja area to give it a festive atmosphere. Begin by wiping down and arranging the space as per your liking. Lights and vibrant color decorations take center stage during Dussehra. For easy Dussehra decoration ideas at home, try using them in your home as well as in the Puja room.

After cleaning and rearranging your Puja room, you can begin decorating your home for Dussehra.

Surely, there will be many different types of accessories available in your local market. Each with its own shape, dimensions, and color. You can also use these crafts and decorations to decorate your Puja room. Simply choose any Dussehra-themed decoration from the store and place it in your mandir to add a festive touch. You can start making rangolis on the floor with flowers as well as colors. Or use a rangoli sticker to beautify the Puja room on Dussehra day. Dussehra decoration ideas for the home include hanging crafts crafted with bells and small beautiful beads. If you don’t have a lot of room for a Mandir. Then you can decorate with these beautiful hanging crafts and Dussehra doll arrangements.

Trendy decoration items for Dussehra

For the Dussehra decoration, many items can be used to decorate your home area, interior, exterior, office, and in schools. Some of the items may be expensive and some of them may be inexpensive.  Here we are telling some most commonly used items as well as unique items for your Dussehra decoration in different places. 

You can use colorful rangolis, puja mandaps, diyas, lanterns, hanging walls, wind chimes, hanging chimes, idols, idols showpiece handcrafted items, colorful clothes for mandap, pots, bells, lights, paper hangings, artificial flowers, tealight holders, homemade as well as readymade stickers, antique pieces, homemade torans, readymade floral torans, floral hanging gates, sceneries, small earthen pots, diffusers, aromatic items, juggling lighting balls, etc. 

The most common item is rangoli. Rangoli is the heart of your decoration, so make it wisely by using vibrant colors. There are now various kinds of rangolis such as rangoli powders, acrylic rangoli, rangoli stickers, rangoli patterns, etc. are easily available in the local market. You can pick out any of them as per your comfort and need.

Mandap decoration idea for Navratri

Decorating your Navratri mandap usually seems to be not easy for anyone. But our decoration idea for the Navratri mandap is very easy as well as affordable. You can decorate it with many cheap but attractive items such as Hanging chimes, Paper flowers, artificial flowers, lanterns, etc.

The fluffy artificial marigold flowers that can be hung from the Navratri mandap’s wall or door will look lovely on their own. It’s also a budget-friendly decoration that can be used for other occasions.

A beautiful handcrafted hanging lantern which can be homemade readymade, which usually of paper can be an inexpensive mandap decoration. It looks fantastic and can be discarded easily if necessary.

Rangolis are a type of rational decoration that is made with colorful rice, dry and powdered flour, as well as flower petals. It’s cheap and looks fabulous as a hand decoration.

For your Navratri mandap decoration, you can use Dussehra-themed decoration ideas, it will add an adorable look to your overall decoration. You can use some other beautiful items such as Golden Raw Strings, Earthen Pots, Designer Glowlights, Decorative Chimes, Dune Hurricane, and Ceramic Wall Sculpture.

Easiest and pocket friendly decoration items made at home for Dussehra

There are many items that you can make at your home for the Dussehra decoration. You can make those items by using easily available things without investing so much of your precious time. Some of the homemade decorative items for Dussehra decoration are Torans, Rangolis, Wall hangings, Door Hangings, Hanging Chimes, Sceneries, Diyas, Idols, Paintings, etc. 

You can use fresh mango leaves to make torans. 

Torans are considered for the good luck of your home and it also protects from evil eyes. You can use flowers for wall hangings, gate hangings, different kinds of fresh, fragrant, and beautiful leaves of different trees. You can make beautiful rangolis by choosing vibrant colors. 

Also, you can use colored rice, colored flour, for making rangolis. You can prepare beautiful hanging and crafts made from colorful paper. The homemade scenery will add beauty to your decoration. The colorful clothes can also be used to make puja mandap and wall hangings in different beautiful ways. 

You can also use homemade diyas to decorate your home or bring some ordinary diyas from local stores and paint it with vibrant colors, it will give your decoration a beautiful and different look from others.

There are so many other homemade decoration items that can be used to decorate your home. All you have to do is to use your creative mind. 

Beautiful balcony and terrace decoration ideas for Dussehra

Balconies and terraces are usually ignored or neglected when decorating for Dussehra Puja but now not any longer because we have come up with fantastic decorating ideas.   Decorating balconies is an easy way to offer your home a festive theme. You will have a lot of options when it comes to your balconies. Everything looks good on a balcony: wall hanging handmade products or crafts, light ornaments, stickers, rangolis, and beautiful flower garlands. Don’t attempt to decorate the entire room in a single day. 

Plan out now and then to decorate your home in accordance with your Dussehra home decor ideas.  Hanging beautiful floral garlands as well as bell crafts are not only decorative but are also thought to bring good luck.

Start planning for how you’ll use the space and accessories to give your balconies a festive feel.

If you also have a terrace at your home, potted plants and some juggling LED lights can be used to decorate it. As gate ornaments, floral rangolis, and some bell hanging homemade, as well as readymade crafts, add a festive look to your home. A fashionable Dussehra decoration idea is also to use diyas as well as lanterns to highlight the interior and exterior at night

Dussehra decoration in office

Many offices are reopening and celebrating Dussehra with their coworkers is a great way to bond outside of the workplace. With the lockdowns lifted, it’s a chance to celebrate Dussehra as well as other festivals with your official family. One of the most popular Dussehra decoration ideas for the office is hanging wall crafts as well as decors. Rangolis and other beautiful floral decorations can be used to beautify the office’s common areas.

For a unique Vijayadashami or Dussehra decoration idea, you can take the help of your office employees to add a personal touch in the cabins as well as desks. Bay decoration ideas might be turned into an event where the office employees are divided into groups and the appropriate design wins in the end. This is a convenient and practical way to decorate the office area and it also serves as a great team-building activity.

So, finally, you have received many ideas for the upcoming Dussehra decoration ideas for home, puja room, balconies, terrace, as well as your workplace. Also, you have some ideas for making some homemade items that can be used to decorate the interior and exterior of your home and workplace.


What is Dussehra?

Dussehra, also known as Vijayadashmi is an Indian Hindu festival, celebrated across the nation. The festival commemorates good triumphing over evil.

Why is Dussehra celebrated?

Dussehra is commemorated in the eastern as well as southern parts of our country to commemorates Goddess Durga’s victory over Mahishasura, the demon’s evil king. However, in the best parts of the country i.e. northern and western parts, Dussehra falls on the 10th day of the Hindu calendar’s Ashwin or Kartik months and commemorates Lord Rama’s glory over Ravana, a demon king.

Can we use diyas for decorating a house during Dussehra?

Yes, definitely. Diyas are commonly used for Diwali decorations, but they are also considered auspicious when used during Dussehra.

How can I decorate my temple for Navratri?

You have complete freedom in how you can decorate your temple during Navratri. Flowers. lights, juggling balls, decorative cloth pieces, beautiful hangings, and other decorative elements can all be used. Stick to the Goddess’s colors, most of which are red, bright yellow, and orange, if you want to go for something more conventional.

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