Factors to consider before buying flats in Khagual, Patna

buying Flats in Khagual

Khagaul Rd is the most popular locality in the city of Patna. Providing various properties for sale in Khagaul Rd. Many are looking forward to buying Flats in Khagual, Patna. Let’s see few factors to consider before buying Flats in Khagual, Patna.

Ranging from 1 to 3 BHK with price between Rs 40 lac to 1.06 CR. Also, available for rent for people seeking it. Moreover, these properties for sale in Khagaul are well-equipped and have great facilities within the periphery. With residential and non-residential property options. You could easily get good exposure to various options for purchasing a flat in Khagual, Patna.

Providing strong and maintained development. With keeping in mind people’s needs and demands. Moreover, giving parking and 24hr water, electricity supply, fire exit solution, etc. All these features attract buyers from various backgrounds to invest in this property for good returns.

Is buying Flats in Khagual, Patna is beneficial?

The answer to this question is a big fat Yes! And through this article, you will understand all the reasons. First let’s explore in detail the place Khagual, in Patna. Khargaul Rd is a prime location. It has all the amenities with 1-2 km reach. Like if you see it is just 2.5 km from Danapur railway station and Eastern Railway hospital.

As Airport is concern it is approximately 8 km away. Most importantly, essential facilities like hospitals, markets, and banks are within a distance of 3 km. Various real estate agencies will help you to get your desired home. They will guide you and crack the right deal.

Moreover, assisting in essential paperwork for buying and selling properties in Khagual. Therefore, look for this having decades of experience and are registered officially.

Factors to consider for buying Flats in Khagual, Patna

We are about to be discussing the most awaited part in this article. Let’s see it in detail.

Property rates

The most basic step for buying a flat is s to see if it fits our budget. Once you finalize a property. Then you have to think about how much from the budget you are going to spend. Therefore, the property rates are quite less than comparable to other regions.

Moreover, Compare the rate of the property within the area. Do some more inquiry about size, other facilities it has to offer. Get some quotations from builders if you are planning to invest in an under-construction building.

Flat’s Carpet Area

The most important requirement for new investors is to get a more carpet area. So pay attention to the property’s built-up area. That includes lift’s space, stairs, pillars, and thick walls occupying spaces other factors. Therefore, to measure the carpet area, check the real area within the walls of the apartment. However, you should only consider that, don’t include extra balcony spaces, etc

Land Record and property check

This is mostly ignored by many people. But somewhere it plays a vital role while investing in the property. The apartment building on the land should not come under illegal development cases. So please check that it has all the approved documentation. By the authorized person. Most importantly, it has cleared all the pending dues and legal processes.

Moreover, the developer should have authorizations and NOCs approved by area development authorities. Nevertheless, also to supply electricity, water supply, and sewage. The permission should be taken by Municipal Corporation.

Flat’s Possession

People investing in an under-construction building. Keep on following up with people in charge. Make sure the possessions are not delayed.

Therefore, while buying, a property as a buyer you should have a clear idea of the timeline that is followed by them. If the possession is delayed it should have a valid reason for the same.

Loan from banks

The crucial part while buying the property is whether the loan will be approved or not. So while deciding the budget you need to consider this. You should have a financial roadmap of how the payment should be made over the tenure.

Banks that provide financial assistance to the buyer. You can approach such banks. And deal with the terms and conditions it offers. See what works best for you.

Builder-Buyer Agreement

When you have finalized an apartment by giving a token amount. See that you receive in return an allotment letter. Therefore, a three-party agreement is rendered. This includes the buyer, the bank, and the builder. Then the payment is given.

While you at this stage you have to be conscious and alert. Carefully read and understand the agreement papers in detail. If you have any doubt clarify it. Once you are sure about the contract then only officially sign it.

Location of The Flat

To Lead a peaceful lifestyle and avail all the benefits which it has to offer. With strong and spacious rooms. The view is also amazing as it is mostly surrounded by a healthy environment of nature.

Khagual has almost all the essential amenities. As we discussed earlier, it covers almost everything within proximity. So you don’t have to take any tension.

Check the Additional Charges

Hidden charges are the one which is not outspoken mostly. Moreover, there these following criteria which in the end inflates the final payment rate. Like, for example, GST with a certain percentage imposed for the property section.

Later on stamp duty, home loan processing fee, etc are important to consider. So you will have to consider these in your budget then move forward to make the right decision accordingly.


We hope that you will follow and consider these factors before buying a flat in Khagual, Patna. Investing in real estate is a big decision. Therefore, you need to make an informed decision.

Therefore, thoroughly inspect each of the mentioned factors. So that you can stay rest assured after you have made payments. You should take help from professionals having decades of experience in this field.

Most importantly verify each and everything as you proceed further. Be alert from fraudulent dealers. Always seek help from the ones who are authorized legally.

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