How to become a real estate agent in India?

How to become a real estate agent in India?

Working in real estate contributes a great deal of versatility, and with several clients and different homes, you won’t be doing the self-same thing every day. You may also get to be your own boss, face and work with lots of people, and experience the satisfaction of supporting them through one of life’s major breakthroughs. It’s easy to become a certified real estate agent in India as compared to other careers with similar profits, getting your Real Estate permission is a relatively fast and inexpensive process—and you don’t require a college degree.

real estate agent in India

However, if you want to become a real estate agent, you’re seeing at an up-front investment of money and time, both of which will fluctuate depending on where you get your license. And the licensing procedure depends on the norms set by the state government.

Here we are explaining some crucial steps that you can take to become a certified real estate without any hassle:

Step 1: Research and evaluate

Like in any other profession, to be able to dig a satisfactory assignment in the real estate business by a real estate agent in India, you need to research on the subject. You could begin by soliciting the inputs of industry experts. Unless you come across as a rival, they would be exhilarated to share their overview and journey with you. Nothing’s better than hearing it from the horse’s mouth and people who have been in the industry can show you both – the golden side and challenges of beginning a venture in the real estate industry.

Step 2: Pick and choose a specialty

There are numerous options in the real estate business. You could either get into residential brokerage, commercial brokerage, or land investments. Depending on your choice and the possible options (budget, domain knowledge, etc.) you could go forward with either. To start, it would be perfect to concentrate on one area and as you grow with the time, you could tinker in the rest.

Step 3: Obtain the required licenses and registration

Although this was easy to accomplish previously, with legal refinements. Many real estate industry laws now in place, permits and registration have become imperative. However, keeping your paperwork clean will help you become a dedicated professional. And add more value to your credibility, boost customer’s confidence in you. From registering your firm to obtaining service tax registration. Real estate agent license, and GST registration – all are significant and mandatory. 

Step 4: Chalk out a business plan

Now that you have the necessary registration and licenses in hand, don’t forget to create a detailed business plan. Put all of your experience into creating this plan and assure that the challenges. Which you have recognized, are properly addressed and you have specified scope for improvement. Your business structure, funds, budget, and team hiring tactics should all be considered in this blueprint.  

Step 5: Go online

Besides your offline presence, your online image is also crucial. Gone are the days when consumers relied on the community grocery shop owner while they looking for properties. Today, customers look up the various websites much before they actually visit the property. This helps them save time and effort and also helps them to assess the various properties from different perspectives. Hence, put up a detailed, comprehensive, and easy-to-navigate-through website and deliver your messages effectively.  


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