How to find out whether Google has reviewed your site?

whether Google has reviewed your site

Are you aware of the methods of how Google determines what website should be ranked number on one first position, second or third for any given keyword? Undoubtedly, Google uses an algorithm for the same. But as you know, algorithms aren’t foolproof. That’s why Google constantly tries to improve it. And one of the best ways to improve their algorithm is through Search Quality Raters. So, let’s discuss whether Google has reviewed your site or not how to know.

What does the term Search Quality Rater mean?

Google knows that they can perpetually make their search results sound. And the best and simplest way is to have humans review their listings for any given keyword. So across the globe, Google has people who manually review websites, following set guidelines. It’s sort of long and comprehensive, but it is essential that the Quality Raters don’t instantly affect rankings. Instead, they give feedback to the developers who code up the algorithm so they can make it more appropriate to searchers.

How to know your site is being reviewed by Google?

Here are a few stats and images that will help you get the answers to your question.

  • First, log into your Google Analytics account and go to the audience overview report, given in the image.
whether Google has reviewed your site?

  • Click on “Add segment:
whether Google has reviewed your site?
  • Click on “+ New Segment”
  • Now click on “Conditions,” which is below the “Advanced” navigation label. Once you accomplish this, fill out everything to meet the image below and click “save”.
whether Google has reviewed your site?

PS: While filling out the tabes, you need to stay assured about one thing that you are clicking the “or” button and not the “and” button and also ensure that you’ve selected “Source” for the first column.

  • Now that you’ve designed the new segment, it’s time to examine if any Quality Raters have viewed your site.

How to locate Quality Raters on your website?

When you are in Google Analytics, you’ll want to ensure that you choose the segment you just designed. If you would see the image given below, it has labeled it “Search Engine Evaluators.” And when you pick it, you’ll apparently see a graph that looks something shown below.

You’ll notice that no Quality Raters have been to the site during the chosen date period, which is normal as they don’t visit your site regularly and, in many instances, they don’t come usually at all.

The other thing you’ll see is that close to the “Audience Overview” heading, there is a yellow shield symbol. If your symbol appears to be green, then that’s great. Yellow means your data is being inspected.

whether Google has reviewed your site?

If you notice the yellow symbol, reduce your date field and you’ll ultimately see a green shield close to “Audience Overview”.

 In general, it is rare that the Quality Raters survey your site each month. But as you increase your time window, you’ll be able to find them. And once you locate them, you can compress the date field so the data isn’t tested and then drill down to what they were viewing at on your website.

whether Google has reviewed your site?

Conclusion: whether Google has reviewed your site?

As your website gets more popular, you’ll see the Quality raters visiting your site more often. 

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