India is one of the fastest-growing estate markets. Day by day demand for real estate companies is increasing. According to the sources, India has been ranked the second largest online market in the world. around 20 million people search online for a home. Nowadays many industries like fashion and accessories being influenced by e-commerce. so real estate companies are also not far behind. with an increase in technology like virtual reality, a customer chooses to view the site virtually, prior to the actual visit of the site.

The Trend of Buying a House

Buying a house is a desire for everybody, and this is a very good investment too. growth was seen in salaried class people.type of the house is totally dependent on the income of the people. and the price of the property is also deferred from city to city.


E-commerce has not only opened opportunities in metro cities but also in non-metro cities.and opportunities in nonmetro cities are more as people have more opportunities. The extension of e-commerce is increasing over a period of time. As e-commerce has no boundaries.

Co-Working Space

co-working space is redefined the commercial real state as well. the industry players operate out of such co-working space which has seen the increase in demand in the recent past.

Real Estate portals

E-commerce has already provided so many platforms for real estate. This portal reached out to people looking for specifications in many ways. Through E-Commerce people have so many opportunities to look toward the other options also. which is very good in itself to reduce the risk of buying the property.


E-commerce has not only impacted the Real Estate companies but almost each and every company. just with their transparency in the market. E-Commerce helps in taking decisions. Mostly in the field of Real Estate E-Commerce helps a lot by giving so many options.

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