Is It A Wise Decision To Invest In A Property In Kumhrar, Patna?

Is It A Wise Decision To Invest In A Property In Kumhrar, Patna

Are you going to invest in a property in Kumhrar, Patna? But questioning that is it a wise decision to invest in a Property In Kumhrar, Patna or not? Then don’t worry so much because we are here to answer all your doubts. You just have to remain with us till the end of the article.

About Kumhrar, Patna

Kumhrar is a popular and ancient residential area in Patna. Kumhrar is a great location, just a few minutes walk from the main Patna-Saheb Bypass Road and 3 kilometers from Rajendra Nagar station, where all the long-distance trains arrive and depart. All the significant Patna schools are within 10 kilometers. It’s 5 kilometers east of Patna Station.

Mainly 2 BHK and 3 BHK apartments/ flats, you will find here to invest. It is a very good and convenient residential location. It is popular for its monuments and ancient places for the era of Chandragupta Maurya, Bindusar, and Ashoka empire’s Patliputra.

Many visitors come here to see the Kumhrar field. India’s Archaeological Survey has been excavated here (Kumhrar) the remains of the ancient Patliputra city in 1913. This is the most attractive place for monument lovers.

Let us know something more regarding buying a property in Kumhrar. Why it is a wise decision to invest here? How many ready-to-move flats are available here? And so on.

Are there any ready-to-move apartments in Kumhrar?

There are 5 ready to move apartments/ flats that are currently ready for sale in Kumhrar Patna. There are mainly 2BHK flats in Kumhrar, Patna that are available for sale. 

The location of these apartments or flats is in Patligram Society, Hari Complex, and Behind Miraj Hospital in Kumhrar Patna. The properties available for sale is 2 BHK and 3 BHK configurations. 

The area of the property for sale in Kumhrar Patna that is exactly located behind Miraj Hospital is of BHK and expanded in the area of 955 sq. ft. and ranges from Rs. 5235 per sq. ft. 

The configuration of flats/ apartments located in the Hari Complex is 2 BHK. The property here expanded in the area of 765 sq. ft. and ranges from Rs. 4967 sq. ft.

The configurations of flats/ apartments located in Patligram Society are 2 BHK and 3 BHK. The property here ranges from Rs. 4500 to Rs. 4800 per sq. ft. depending on the configuration and area of the flats/ apartments.

Before you move towards the property, we will advise you to keep the following things in mind as these points will be helpful to you in choosing the right property of your choice.

Source: magicbricks

  • Area’s physical infrastructure
  • Available Facilities 
  • The property’s location.
  • The property’s size
  • Furnishment of the property
  • Ventilation/ Airflow 
  • Original documents of the property
  • The flat’s  possession or property’s  possession
  • Available neighborhood amenities

Note: Always check the above-mentioned things before buying any property and anywhere. These are very basic things that you should look forward to.

Are there any affordable 3 BHK Apartments for Sale in Kumhrar, Patna? 

Do you want to legally acquire a 3 BHK property for sale in Kumhrar, Patna? Then here are the details of a 3 BHK property available for sale in Kumhrar and also it is available at a very affordable price. 

Currently, there is only one 3 BHK property in Kumhrar, Patna for sale, located in Patligram Society. The flat has three bedrooms along with two bathrooms. At a price of Rs 51 Lacs, it is expected to be available. 

The property is located on the 6th floor out of 6, and has a good construction quality, and is 0-1 years old. The total built-up area of the property is 1205 sq. ft. and available for sale @ Rs. 4500/ sq.ft.

This property is east facing so as per Vastu it is good to buy without thinking twice and also available at a very affordable price with all the available and necessary amenities.

So, don’t wait for too much, just go and grab the opportunity but do not forget to check the possession and other important things before buying a property, which is mentioned above in the article.

Does resale  Flats in Kumhrar, Patna? 

Searching for resale flats or resale property in Kumhrar, Patna? Then here’s your wait ends. Yes, currently there are available 6 resale flats in Kumhrar, Patna.

The property configuration of all the flats is either 2 BHK or 3 BHK. Also, there is one house available for sale in Kumhrar, Patna. 

All the real estate properties for sale in Kumhrar, Patna available here are at very affordable prices. Some property ranges from Rs. 45 Lacs to 56 Lacs. While some are at the call for price. 

Source: magicbricks

The price range depends upon the following things:

  • Configuration of the flats
  • Total area of the flats/ Property
  • Facilities Available
  • Road Linking
  • Nearby Locality

So, let us know why to invest here in Kumhrar, Patna?

First, we start with the property price, and then we will talk about the nearby localities, features of the city, and connectivity one by one. These are important factors to examine your decision to invest here.

Property Price and Nearby Locations

In Kumhrar, there are currently many properties for sale. The average price per square foot in this area is Rs. 4500.0. In Kumhrar, 3 BHK apartments are available for sale, ranging from Rs. 55 lac – Rs. 60 lac. 

Sandalpur,  Kankarbagh, and Agam Kuan are some of the neighboring towns. Kumhrar has plenty of parking space. The road is in excellent condition.

In Kumhrar, 57 percent of properties for sale are in the range of Rs. 50- 60Lac, while 14 percent are in the range of Rs. 45Lac to 55Lac. One of the most common configurations in this neighborhood is 3 BHK, which accounts for roughly half of all properties for sale.

The individual has listed 44 percent of the assets in Kumhrar, with the majority of these being Multistorey Apartments. Kumhrar is a fantastic location and lovely location. Healthcare facilities, markets schools, and colleges are all within walking distance.

Source: magicbricks


The Kumhrar, Patna properties for sale are an inventory of unbeatable amenities that give you every comfort as well as the convenience you’ve ever desired.

  • These are created in a friendly environment with greenery and other activities.
  • These homes are close to the city center, making commuting and other recreational and professional activities more convenient.
  • Leisure centers with nearby shopping malls, hospitals, and other facilities are added to the list.
  • These centers are critical for balancing your business’s stress. You will receive excellent service at these locations.


The area here is well connected to big firms and employment opportunities, which is a key driver of growth. At a very minimum distance, all significant places are located. And the connectivity medium such as transportation system is very convenient to find here. The growth of the city is on the way.

Conclusively we can say, if you buy a property in Kumhrar, Patna by keeping in mind all the important measures. Then definitely it is going to be a wise decision to invest in a property in Kumhrar, Patna.

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