Real Estate Investment in Patna

Investment in Real Estate in Patna

The capital city of Bihar, Patna is one of the most famous commercial centres of Bihar. If you see strategically, then Patna is just at a perfect location. It is located at a juncture of three rivers. This city is also a dream educational and career destination for many people belonging from rural parts of Bihar. With increasing development, the Real Estate market in Patna has seen definitely growing investment.

In the past, people from Patna and other parts of Bihar had to migrate to other Indian cities. It was because of education and other career purposes. But, now Patna is seeing its growth in all terms. After setting up of IITs, not only the people of Bihar are eager to remain in Patna. But also students from different parts of the country are coming here.

Now even the Indian government is turning its attention towards Tier-II cities like Patna. And that is why Patna is experiencing a booming real estate sector. This has further been advantageous for a number of real estate developers in Patna. And thus, everyone is witnessing a boom in the Real estate market in Patna.

Reasons for profitable real estate investment

The World Bank has suggested that Patna is the second-best city in India in terms of real estate investment. A lot of companies are setting camp in the city, Patna. And that is why a high price will be definitely seen here. Educational institutions like the IIT and the NIT, and the upcoming Bihta Airport will be beneficial for the investment. Well, currently the residential index of Patna is quite low as compared to cities like Ahmedabad and Lucknow. And that’s why in today’s time the properties are still affordable to buy. And this price will definitely rise in future. Hence, it is an ideal time to make the real estate sector in investment in Patna.

Enhanced connectivity

The plans for the Patna metro project have been approved and funded. That is why the prices of property in Patna will definitely rise about 25 – 35%. These factors will lead to the increasing demands for real estate in Patna.

So, I would suggest that Patna is moving towards a shining future. And that is why this is the right time to invest in the city’s real estate sector.

Price perspective

The price per square feet in Patna on today’s date is around 4500 – 5500 sq ft which is not so high. And with increasing development, this price will no doubt go up. So, it will be wiser to invest your money in real estate in Patna.

Real Estate Properties in Patna

There are really many great ongoing projects in Patna. I will give you a look at them.

  1. Sarswati Shree Enclave, Nehru Nagar
  2. Maa Shanti Palace, Digha
  3. Divya Virasat, Bailey Road Nahar
  4. Ram Lakhan Plaza, Bhagwat Nagar
  5. Kuber Residency, Nasriganj


If you are looking forward to making an investment, then it is really a great time to do that. Please visit our blog on upcoming Patna real estate projects and different real estate developers in Patna. We at Analytics Online are here to help you.

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