Remote investments in Real Estate-Proptech Solution

Proptech Solutions- Boosting remote investments in the real estate sector!

With stakeholders locked down in their homes due to government ‘social-distancing’ plans and the COVID-19 coronavirus global pandemic. The industry, which requires the viewing process has experienced losses, as prospective investors looking to acquire their next promising asset will no longer step into apartment/home properties for the anticipated future. So, let’s study in detail about Proptech Solutions- Boosting remote investments in the real estate sector!

It’s not all bad news. Although as the developments in the Fintech sector. And have caused an uncommon offering in these challenging times for businesses – A virtual reality dilemma to the healthy viewing. 

Awarded by forward-thinking property investment organizations as a way of detouring the face to face consultation, these ‘virtual viewing’ packages are at most critical an immersive ‘next best thing’ for investors, allowing them to put in their toes in the water to find a fresh investment strategy, and at the most suitable package that can give a buyers peace of mind.

Here’s some more information related to the same for Remote investments in Real Estate: 

The virtual viewing process

Remote investments in Real Estate

Interested in discovering how the virtual viewing process works? Here are some crucial aspects that you can take into consideration:

  • The VR component – With an amazing, fully 3D look at a property offering, investors can get a sense of a property, what it seems like from the inside and outside, and how it dovetails into the surrounding city efficiently, while they might not be able to sense the wind from the balcony.
  • Accompanying videos, guides, and literature – It also has the ability to support continuous communication between the client and the investment advisor, helping documentation is also presented to give a well-informed idea of what to expect. This can include anything and everything from overarching drone footage of the locality, to guides on the building’s surrounding.

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Various origins

Despite being a massively relied-upon piece of tools for supporting the investment process, virtual reality had its roots in the gaming sector, something that some would perceive as a little more shallow. While it’s true that immersive gaming experiences might not be as significant as some fundamental aspects of business or industry, they have acknowledged the technology to produce, which has had a positive knock-on influence on how it’s used commonly.


Another one of the numerous benefits to VR investment is that investors can not only recognize properties that they can’t access, but also properties that don’t certainly exist yet. Off-plan investment is one of the most prevalent strategies, and so sometimes investors look at VR mock-ups to again get a sense of what it’s like. This is an excellent way of removing some of the agitation associated with off-plan, as it makes it more relaxed for those hesitant to visualize what they’re putting their cash into.

Well VR is trending in every sector especially in the Real Estate sector because of moving in the digital world. Through VR clients can view the property in the 3D way and everything related to it like location and space and many more just by sitting at their home.

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