The Bright Future of Patna Real Estate

Patna Real Estate

Patna, the heart of Bihar, is one of the best blends of rich Indian culture and modern lifestyle. Patna is not only the largest city and the capital of Bihar. The city of Patna is amongst the fastest growing cities in eastern India. Patna ranks 21 in the list of fastest-growing cities. Patna is a hot property market in Bihar. Different parts of Bihar connect well with Patna. This makes Patna, a place for the very high demand for properties. There has been tremendous growth in development in Patna. With the increasing development, the Patna Real Estate market has expanded a lot. From the perspective of a business owner as well as a customer, you can see that there is an increase in real estate projects in Patna. There are many locations in Patna that are hot in demand for residential properties, flats, individual houses, and commercial properties.

Top Localities For Property In Patna

Top localities for property in Patna are

  • Bailey Road,
  • Phulwari Sharif,
  • Bihta, Danapur Khagaul Rd,
  • Gola Rd,
  • Naubatpur,
  • Khagaul Road,
  • Digha,
  • Ashiana Road,
  • Chirora,
  • Patliputra Colony,
  • Abhimanyu Nagar,
  • Nehru Nagar,
  • Rajendra Nagar,
  • New A G Colony,
  • Rukanpura,
  • Mithapur,
  • Raja Bazar,
  • Jagdeo Path,
  • Kankarbagh,
  • Boring Road, and
  • Khagaul.

With increasing development, property buyers are also showing great interest in buying properties in Ram Krishna Puram, Shivala Par, Sampatchak, Sonepur, Parsa, Ashiana Nagar, Rupaspur, Hajipur, New Patliputra Colony, Ramjaipal Nagar, Mahuabag, Ranipur, Gulzarbagh, and North Patel Nagar, etc.

Reason for the demand for Real Estate in Patna

  • The economy of Patna is growing very fast. With loads of FMCG companies establishing in Patna, its economy is growing even faster.
  • Since 2005 Patna’s economy is being boosted by the green revolution business and Information Technology Industries.
  • The service sector in Patna is also on a boom and offering bright employment options.
  • Also, as per a report of the World Bank, Patna is India’s 2nd best city to kick-start a business. The economy of Patna is greatly favourable for startups.
  • There are offices of several leading brands in Patna and many more will be opening in the near future Patna.
  • There is a proposal to set up an airport in Bihta, which is one of the reasons for the boom in Patna real estate. Apart from this, the project for the development of NH82 and NH83 is also a reason for rising Patna real estate.
  • The proposed four-lane project and metro project are expected to strengthen the connectivity of Patna, which would ultimately bring good appreciation in property rates in Patna.
  • As compared to some other big cities like Ahmadabad, Bhopal, Chandigarh, and Meerut etc., buying a house in Patna is way less costly. The prices of residential properties in Patna are still very low and reasonable.

Some new projects in Patna

Since you have shown interest to buy property in Patna, I will let you know some great new projects in Patna.

  1. Sarswati Shree Enclave, Nehru Nagar
  2. Maa Shanti Palace, Digha
  3. Divya Virasat, Bailey Road Nahar
  4. Ram Lakhan Plaza, Bhagwat Nagar
  5. Kuber Residency, Nasriganj

Now, since I told you that now, people are interested in buying properties in both top localities as well as in other areas of Patna. So, please check out the information for various projects in Patna in different localities.


Since it is very obvious that anyone who is planning to invest in the property market. They consider some main factors like connectivity, development projects, growth prospects, amenities, and reasonable prices, etc. And you will be surprised to know that Patna qualifies well on all such parameters. Patna Real Estate is on a rising trend and the prices for flats and individual houses in Patna are still lower in comparison to other big cities. And hence the buyers have more scope to earn a good return on investment.

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