Tips for Real Estate Developers on How to Create Emailers for Clients

Tips for Real Estate Developers on How to Create Emailers for Clients

The real estate sector is one of the highly recognized sectors. It consists of sub-sectors such as housing, retail, hospitality, and commercial. In this line of business, marketing and reach-out campaigns are important in order to get new clients. In other words, those who work in this sector need to know the proper ways to attract new clients. There are some tips for real estate developers on how to create emailers for clients, which real estate developers can use to their advantage.

Now that direct mailing has become an ineffective strategy to use. Marketing agencies are moving on to innovative strategies to bring buyers and sellers closer. One of the strategies is using emailer campaigns which have started to prove its importance now. However, there is a difference between marketing emailers and spamming a client. In order to know the difference, we have come up with tips for real estate developers on how to create emailers for clients.

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What should real estate developers keep in mind when creating emailers for clients

Before you start using your emailer campaigns as a strategy, there are a couple of things to keep in mind to ensure that you’re meeting your goals.


It is important to be responsive to your customers whenever they are ready to buy or rent a property. However, keep in mind to not be too much in contact with them or push them to buy real estate.

In addition, you need to be able to manage your time and have a newsletter schedule so that it isn’t too overwhelming. But also don’t lose your customer’s attention.

Avoid sending emailers early in the morning, so that the email will stay on top of the inbox. Also, avoid sending e-mailers early on a weekend, as it has a high chance of getting lost in the clutter. The best time to send clients emailers is on a weekday, depending on your target audience.

Update your email list

Real estate marketing is an extremely delicate process, customers can change their mind at any time. You need to ensure that they are on your side. In other words, add them to your email list only when they’ve given permission. And also, making sure to remove them if they ask to be removed.

It’s better to have a shorter and more engaged email list than a longer one who doesn’t even engage with you.

Categorize your customers

Before you send out your emails, you have to be careful with the message that you have to create. Not all customers are the same and are going to be interested in buying or renting real estate. Therefore, you need to segment your email list on the basis of the city, area, budget, and type of property. For example, if you have a project in Patna, you should choose a list of buyers that live in Bihar. These buyers might be interested in these projects. If you want to market your projects outside of India, you can also create an emailer campaign for NRI buyers separately.

Tips for real estate developers on how to create emailers for clients

Real estate and email marketing are the perfect combinations. As long as you are sending the right email to the right clients at the perfect time, you have a chance to create a sale.

Let us take a look at some tips for real estate developers on how to create emailers for clients.

Have an eye-catching welcome email

When writing an email for clients, you need to make sure that the welcome email is perfect. It should be sent as soon as a client is added to the email list.

A welcome email is a great way to introduce the services that you provide to your clients. The welcome email should mainly include:

  • What kinds of email they will receive in the future.
  • Why they’ve picked the right choice to help them buy or rent a property.
  • Thank them for choosing you as their real estate developer.

With the competition being so fierce, you need to come up with creative and interactive ways to welcome your new clients so that it will make them want to work with you again.

Here’s an email template that you can follow when making your welcome email:

Include interesting and relevant content

After you’ve added a new client into your email list. You need to keep them updated on any new projects or real estate that they might be interested in. However, not all customers are going to want to invest in the same projects. You need to be careful and include relevant projects that a specific client might want to buy a property.

Emailers not only keep your current clients engaged. They also allow you to stay connected with your former clients who have worked with you. If you can provide interesting and engaging information in your emailers, it can benefit your business. The emails should be short and to the point so that the clients don’t lose focus.

Here’s an example which shows all the requirements in an email:

Keep clients updated

Let’s say that one of your clients wants to sell their property. It is your responsibility to update them about the worth of their home and help them to know what time is perfect to sell their property.

In addition, clients have a lot of questions about their properties or about properties they are interested in buying or renting. Answering these questions is very important to remove any confusion.

Here is a template to follow:

Other points for real estate developers on how to create emailers for clients

  • Once you have added a certain amount of clients to your email list, you should be able to answer all your customer queries as soon as possible.
  • Make sure to call back a customer within 24 hours of them submitting their query. This leads to a higher chance of closing a deal.
  • Do not ask your client for too much information as it can make your client uncomfortable.
  • Always try to build trust between you and the client by sharing useful and helpful information.

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