Tips on How to Choose the Best Exterior Paint Colors for Indian House

It is very normal that we pay more attention and money to the interiors of our home. When we want to focus on the exterior look of our houses. The first thing that comes in our mind is the Exterior Paint Colors of our homes. We want to give the best look to our house as possible. But choosing outside colors of Indian houses is not that easy job. It is because we have to keep the Indian climate in mind too. Additionally, there are several other factors that we have to keep in mind while making a choice.

1. Combinations of different Exterior Paint Colors

When it comes to different combinations of house painting colors. We usually prefer monochromatic. But there are several combinations of colors which are in trend today. And those colors will give your exterior a trendy look.

2. Choice of Exterior Paint Colors

The best decision while choosing exterior colors is to avoid dark colors. Dark colors absorb dust. This makes you repaint your exterior wall. So, I would suggest it would be better to use a combination of dark colors with light colors.

3. Durability of Exterior Paint Colors

The type of exterior color will determine durability more rather than just the color. Glossy paints are not a good option for being used as an outside color. Even though, these paints have the highest durability. Satin and eggshell are the best choices for exterior finish. It is because these types of paints have high durability and are easier to clean.

4. Effect of nature

Also, the choice of exterior colors of houses also depends on nature or surrounding. Like exterior house colors will vary from the mountainous region to that of seashores. In a way, I want to say that the exterior color should go with the mood and climate.

5. Attraction

The exterior is the first thing that your visitors see. So, you should choose colors which are more appealing to your eyes. Brighter colors can catch our attention from a fair distance.

6. Create a Theme

Since the first thing you see is the exterior of a house. So, it would be great to create a theme for the exterior of the house.

7. Exterior Furnishing

As the interiors furnishing needs to be done. In the same way, the exterior paint colors need to be furnished too.

8. Painting Season

The choice of exterior paints also depends on the season. Those who live in areas where rains happen frequently, have to redo the painting regularly. While those living in summer areas, have to choose exterior wall paints that require a minimum temperature.

What are The Most Popular Exterior Paint Colors for Indian House?

I would like to suggest the following combination of colors to you for this purpose:

  • Yellow, Blue, and Cream With Grey
  • Yellow With Brown
  • Warm Shades of Yellow
  • White and Indigo
  • White and Blue

3. Which Colour is Best for the Outside House?

I think the following colours would serve the best:

  • Light Terracotta and White
  • Chocolate and Ash
  • Creamy White, Brown, and Red
  • Brown and White
  • Olive Green and Dark Tan

4. What are the popular exterior house paint colors in 2021?

I recommend you to try the following combinations as they have been seen best.

  • Golden Brown, White, and Grey
  • Dark Brown and Light Brown Orange
  • Orange and Grey
  • Brick and Grey
  • Grey and White


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