Tips to organize a wedding at home during COVID-19

Tips to organize a wedding at home

Many couples are planning their wedding at home this season. Here, are few tips to organize a wedding at home considering the COVID-19 situation.

Which can be a happy micro-wedding at home along with limited family and friends. Given the fact of lockdown and pandemic.

As the second wave of COVID-19 surges. And almost every state has enforced rules and regulations. For every social event and community festival.

Marriages are always a grand celebration in Indian culture. But now It’s no more a grand affair.

Therefore, many wedding ceremonies are conducted at home during COVID-19. Restricting it with close family members and friends.

Those who are wondering how is it possible or even manageable. Yes, it so lets gets some tips to organize wedding at home during COVID-19

Setting up wedding Mandap at home for a wedding

As we know that without mandap the wedding doesn’t feel like one. A mandap is like squared structured decorated pillars. Therefore, it is a sacred place for conducting wedding rituals.

And so you have variety of scope to decorate it. With glittery curtains in different styles. Also, with different patterns and colour combinations.

And you can decide to go totally eco-friendly too! Using colourful flowers or simply with marigold flower of yellow and orange colours.

Now the main fact is what about space? Those who don’t have space to set up the mandap. No worries, you have the whole house to set up. Decorate your walls with floral strings and clothing for wrapping.

Also, it totally depends on where you choose to place it indoor or outdoor. Like for instance if you have a backyard etc.

Colour combinations and other decors

The point is to be minimal but attractive at the same time. Most importantly, the wedding vibe. And to create this colour combination is important.

For cost-cutting you can use old sarees for decoratively draping walls and Mandap. You will get many do-it-yourself videos online. As we know that there is difficulty to hire labours nowadays. So try to avoid extra assistant over your wedding place.

Ultimately, the wedding vibe matters. That seems welcoming, joyful, and lively. Light up your house simply with fairy lights. Use DIY flower decorations. Like making to huge flowers with just 2-3 ingredients. You get the scope to do an experiment. As it will be your house as a wedding venue.

Moreover, don’t forget to decorate the food corner. Keep it simple, most importantly in hygienic conditions. Make sure you don’t waste food. Keep the dustbin and other cleaning equipment like hand wash, towels accessible.

Go eco-friendly this wedding season

After one of the famous actress had seen conducting an eco-friendly wedding. And was a trendsetter for many couples out there.

To make this happen choose organic biodegradable materials. That don’t harm the earth too much extent.

So you can use earthen lamps, rangolis, real flower decorations instead of plastic flowers. Can gift plants as a return gift. Use old newspapers for decorative purposes.

Use tree based plates and steel utensils. Set the guidelines for guests so that to maintain proper cleanliness and hygiene.

Light up the house for the wedding

Decorate your house with colorful or simply Golden LED lights. It’s creating that wedding ambiance of the vibes. From windows to balcony. Living room and bedroom.

Not only light you can also light up scented candles or diyas. But do take precautions for the same. As you don’t want to spoil it with the spilling of wax or oil.

So in case you’re planning in backyard of your house. Then you can hang some lighting.

How can you Livestream your wedding

Since day one of lockdown. Everyone is digitalizing maximum things as possible. Like we know, schools and office work have totally digitalized online.

And so the weddings. Therefore, to live stream your wedding. Firstly, make a list of guest if at all make a group on the messaging app suitable for all.

Secondly, inform them to keep the equipment ready. Send them the accessible ID well in advance. Now, all thanks to social media you can directly go live effortlessly. Many relatives can directly see the live stream.

Most importantly, setting up the camera angles. Make sure that you keep it in such a way that it’s in-network coverage. And it covers the full frame of bride and groom along with the rituals. Moreover, the lighting should be good enough so that it gives a lively environment.

Innovative ideas for Reception

The most important thing to consider is to follow all the guidelines given by the government.

It’s not that easy to handle guest at home so see that you have limited of them. Which can be easy to manage with following all the norms.

Therefore, all are wearing masks sanitizing their hands before any food consumption. But essentially maintaining Social distancing.

Coming to food and catering services. Ensure they too consider the safety measures. And it is made in a hygienic environment.

Therefore, before the preparation starts. Clean all the parts of the house. From washrooms to the kitchen to the balcony. Keep it neat and tidy for good representation. Install some room fresheners

Decorate the balcony, entrance with beautiful rangolis, torans with tassles, etc. Also, you can create the corner of your house as a selfie point. To make your wedding day more enjoyable.

Also, for seating use some extra pillows and mattresses. Furthermore, just for fun get together to arrange some couple games, etc. Moreover, see that you maintain a healthy and lively environment.

Conclusion on tips to organize a wedding at home during COVID-19

You must have heard that less is more! And that’s the only key here. Already space will be occupied with various equipment for rituals. Then wedding materials.

So it is a task for managing the space and decor. The challenge is not forgetting to follow all the rules and regulations. Wearing mask, sanitation, and maintaining distance.

The fact is to celebrate the auspicious day with joy and happiness. Along with family members, connecting virtually to long distant relatives and friends.

Enjoy your special day! Let it be a grand or small ceremony. It’s a new beginning so start it on a positive note. However, given the condition to follow up with norms. Make sure you follow the tips to organize a wedding at home during COVID-19 mentioned above. Stay safe and happy!

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