Top 4 Best Residential Localities To Live In Patna

Best Residential Localities in Patna

Fluctuating to a fresh location is always a thought-involving procedure. There are many study and verification that goes into choosing the best place for Sale. Even though you, search for Properties In Patna. It is better to be progressive about all the best areas, this city has to offer.

if you are in the salaried class looking for buy-in and around Patna, There are the best picks for you:

1. Ramjaipal Nagar

Ramjaipal Nagar is the prime real estate destination in Patna. It appears one and all craving to buy flat in Ramjaipal Nagar Patna. The central road is utterly commercial but it is skirted by a number of residential apartments as well as residential cum commercial flats. Now the new construction is all commercial. Ramjaipal Nagar has all that a medium course living in Patna strains. In the previous five years, apartments in Ramjaipal Nagar have appeared as the symbol of growth in real estate in Patna. New under-construction projects work is on top on both sides of Ramjaipal Nagar and pointless to say that flats are in great source and demand in Ramjaipal Nagar.

Affordability is another main thing for flats in Ramjaipal Nagar. The area of Ramjaipal Nagar is decisive as a modern residential gathering for the middle class of Patna. In addition to the schools; contemporary medical services are too accessible in its locality. Now it is the intersection fact of the road coming from Digha Ganga bridge touching the North Bihar. No doubt a number of manufacturers in Patna have ongoing their new residential projects in Patna at Ramjaipal Nagar. Pin Code of Ramjaipal Nagar 801503.

2. RK Puram

Apartments in RK Puram are the highest explored these days in Patna real estate. The core reason is that the real estate of RK Puram has accompanied the new era of building in the Patna flat marketplace. The attention to up-to-date facilities like clubs, gardens, parks, green areas, jogging ways, swimming pools, etc. It also means that these flats are high growths with more than 10 grounds and many towers inside one property. Flats for sale in RK Puram are in great demand also due to the great balance between infra expansion, and main roads in this neighborhood. The chief Khagaul road is 6 lanes and has become the center of marketable happenings in Patna. A great number of commercial developments are on way in this way. Pin Code of RK Puram is 801503.

3. Bhupatipur

Flats for sale in Bhupatipur Patna now are very occasional. In touching areas like Jakkanpur one or two new residential projects are still on but key Bhupatipur is now too packed to build rooms. still, re-sale apartments are accessible. Bhupatipur is an ancient area of Patna just as well Patna Junction. An established area encompassing NIFT, Chanakya Law College, and further too has come up in Mithapur. One side of Mithapur is Patna By-Pass. Mithapur Sabzi Mandi is the major Mandi of Patna. Mithapur is a nearby neighborhood of bhupatipur. Bhupatipur is a deep-rooted locality and thickly populated and very crowded.
Pin Code of BHupatipur is 800020.

4. Kankarbag

Flats for sale in Kankarbagh are in extraordinary demand for the last two spans in Patna real estate. But with time the original project inaugurations in Kankarbagh are weakening and to buy a flat in Kankarbagh individual has to go for resale flats frequently. The real building of flats is now taking place across By-Pass adjacent to Kankarbagh. Kankarbagh being a very great Colony ( Once touted as Asia’s major colony ) unsurprisingly has a number of sub- colonies and a number of head-to-head groups too identified as Kankarbagh in the Real estate area. In fact, new flats in Kankarbagh if any are accessible in head-to-head colonies of Kankarbagh one, like Kanti Factory road, Bhootnath highway, etc. Pin Code of Kankarbag is 800020.


Patna is, for that motive a city that can put up the necessities of unlike people. Every area has a single personality of its own, making this one of the coolest living in cities. Recall to always check with a friend/contact before fluctuating to get a complete picture of all the parts of the city. There are sufficient other spaces as well where you can invest in Patna. Check out all the Properties In Patna and grow the one that meets your necessities and requirements. You will get all the elementary facilities and amenities near these Flats also these apartments fit within the budget of the public. Shareholders can also suppose a heavy return on investment is forthcoming.