Why young women prefer to invest in Indian real estate?

Why young women prefer to invest in Indian real estate?

As we the bandwagon of women empowerment is all around and India is not an exception in this regard. The country of culture and traditions is encouraging women to fulfill their dreams and become dependent. Today, women are increasingly financially independent and want to have everything on their own. This desire of women has transformed the investment preferences, which was previously only in fixed deposits and gold. So, let’s know more about Why young women like to invest in Indian real estate?

In fact, according to the survey by Anarock- LIC Housing Finance Ltd, Consumer sentiment witnessed 18% participation of women. The statistics report about their investments has been changed as 57% of women respondents preferred real estate investment, followed by 28% for the stock market, 11% FDs and merely 4% gold.

It might be surprising because women’s relationship with her home is unique and it changes once here marital status changes. But independent women prefer to buy their own house.

women like to invest Indian in real estate

What are the benefits of property purchasing for women?

The government of India supports these kinds of investments from women in the real estate sector. That’s the reason women often have lower stamp duty, tax deductions, and low home interest rates, which they’re entitled to while buying a property.

As mentioned before, stamp duty charges are lower if the property is registered on the name of the women, but the rates vary statewide.

While stamp duty charges are lower if property registration is executed in the name of women, these charges differ from state to state. The exemption of women ranges between 1-2% across different states. In some cases, it even varies within a particular state, based on clarifications. In Maharashtra, stamp duty is standard, regardless of gender.

Moreover, many banks such as SBI, HDFC, ICICI, etc offer discounted home loan rates to women as compared to men. The rate varies from Bank to Bank and reaches up to 0.25%

  • If you need to a loan amount of Rs. 30 lakh, for instance, SBI offers 7.90% interest rates to women and for men, it starts from 7.95%
  • If the loan amount ranges between Rs. 30 lakhs to 75 lakhs, then again the amount varies, but in HDFC the interest rate is 8.25%.
  • If you need a loan above 75 lakh, then SBI charges 8.25% to women and for men, it is 8.30%

Furthermore, if you want to avail tax benefits women can become joint owners of the property with her husband and in the case is she earns, you both can claim for tax benefits separately.

These are some top advantages of investing in real estate for modern women! And that’s why women like to invest in Indian real estate more.

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