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Real estate digital marketing companies possesses its own unique challenges to overcome. However, much like the highly tailored approaches other industries have developed, it can be done successfully for real estate too. Like we are already developing at one of the BEST SEO DEVELOPMENT COMPANY Analyticsonline.in

If you are a real estate agent, competition is the name of the game. Anything to give you an edge in the market will only increase your earning potential. Reaching your goals through nontraditional means in a time-honored and very established industry may seem daunting. It will require careful strategic planning, SEO SERVICES BEING AT BEST, WEBSITE DESINGNING, CRM DEVELOPMENT, DIGITAL REAL ESTATE, ETC. But with the entire population on the internet, real estate digital marketing is the only logical next step.

In the real estate industry, salesmanship is everything. No matter what your definition of salesmanship is, marketing should be an extension of your skill set. Adapting to the digital shift in the marketing landscape should be priority when honing your craft.

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1. What you already know & What you don’t

As a real estate agent, you are already versed with your local competition majorly in CRM DEVELOPMENT, WEB DESINGNING, SMM, SEO MANAGEMENT. You know that you are catering to a specific demographic of people that are or will become prospective home buyers. You also know that your business depends on your knowledge of the community and how invested you are into putting yourself out there.

What you should be made aware of is that a majority of people are flocking online to do their own research. With the abundance of listing services and home scouting sites, there has been a shift in the traditional paradigm. You have to fight harder than ever for a client’s business in the current landscape. And we try to achieve same thing at Analyticsonline.in to be the BEST SEO SERVICE PROVIDER IN PATNA AND INDIA.

Now while this may not be news to a seasoned real estate agent as yourself, keeping up with real estate digital marketing trends in an ongoing development process. Trends are by definition, organic entities that will constantly progress.

With that said, the shift to the online medium will not completely require a complete tear down of what you hold to be true in marketing. More so, you will just need to understand new tools and philosophies going forward.

This is why we are here to help guide your crafting of a successful real estate digital marketing strategies and web designing services at ANALYTICSONLINE.IN, A service providers in the fields of WEB development, Website management in PATNA and INDIA

2. Define Your Goals

Now, your first priority when developing your real estate digital marketing strategy is to assess what your goals are. Only then can you make an effective plan of attack. Your business goals should be focal points when devising your marketing strategy. A hallmark of a business goal is how achievable it is. Now, there are two main components to an achievable goal:

  • Your goals are specific.
  • They are also measurable.

Being specific means the difference between ‘driving business growth’ and ‘generating prospective leads in my locale.’ Vague goals don’t do you any favors, so find what it is exactly you are trying to achieve going forward.

If you are unsure of how, that’s okay. Our marketing playbook might help you realize pain points that can be remedied by an effective real estate digital marketing strategy.

3. Sales Funnel

You are probably already aware of the logic behind the sales funnel. It starts at the awareness stage. Then interested clients you engage become leads. Then you nurture them towards becoming prospective clients in the decision stage. Finally, you close the deal by converting them into a sale.

After you have laid the groundwork for your platforms, you need to make the magic happen. This is where you create value through a content marketing strategy. Think blogs, eBooks, polls, pictures, videos.

4. Social Media

Real estate agents know this fact best:

“You are the brand.”

What better way to establish your brand than through highly public social media profiles? Not only will you be using your social media accounts to interact with your real and digital community, but others will turn to social media to find out more information about their potential real estate agent.

No matter what kind of real estate agent you are, your consumers are active on social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc like we have at Analyticsonline.in. Having a presence will gain you credibility by individuals being able to connect a real person to your business. It will also help you gain traction through content marketing on multiple platforms.

Here are a handful of social media tips for real estate digital marketing:

  • Educating your clients through quality blog articles
  • Directly chatting with your followers to listen to their thoughts
  • Promote your community, not just yourself.
  • Sharing videos. People are much more likely to view videos if presented through social media. Live video is even better.

Having active social media accounts boosts your online presence which does wonders for your website’s SEO.

5. Your Website and IDX

Your website is going to be the face of your online business. Social media and third party content platforms are important. But these are all in place to funnel people towards your website.

With nearly ¾ of home buyers using a mobile device to scout homes, you do not want to miss the mark with having a poorly optimized website for mobile. Not to mention how this will bite you in the back when it comes to SEO. Sometimes it’s not enough for your theme to be, ‘mobile optimized.’ Do the due diligence and run through your mobile site to see it from your client’s eyes.

You want your website to reflect yourself. Because real estate is all about captivating the buyer think about including quality photography on your website. A picture is worth a thousand words. So you don’t want to come across as a spams, crowded site with information overload. In fact, MOST realty websites employ this tactic. While you shouldn’t just go with the flow in a highly competitive market, pick apart some design cues that have become the standard.

Using photography of your community or listed properties is a great way to show off your catalog of work.

Notice something else these websites of ANALYTICSONLINE.IN have in common?

They all employ some form of IDX. IDX stands for Internet Data Exchange. It covers a broad range of practices. And this dynamics is provided by Analyticsonline.in But typically refers to that software you see being utilized on all the examples above. It gives your website functionality and a reason for clients to keep coming back to reference properties.

IDX is a great way to get people into your sales pipeline by storing their searched information. And you can also gain prospective clients by asking for their information before using the software. The biggest use case for IDX is integrating your MLS listings into a property search feature.

6. Local SEO

While optimizing your website for the best search engine ranking will definitely help your case, you probably want a more targeted approach. You don’t want just anyone visiting your site. You want to target relevant, local traffic.

Google Analytics provides a comprehensive report on who is visiting your site. Through their tool you can see if you are actually reaching an audience within your town.

There are a few ways to go about this:

  • List your areas of operation on your website. Think about including an address or even embed a map. (If your territory is larger than average, you may want to refrain from being too specific. It could bottleneck results.)
  • Make sure addresses across all platforms are exactly the same. This will eliminate confusion for the user and also the ranking algorithms.
  • Include your city and target locations as keywords you rank for. This is especially helpful because prospective clients will surely make the search at some point, ‘Best real estate agents in Patna’
  • Get your past clients to leave testimonials on your website and social media. This not only builds credibility, but satisfied customers are more likely to refer you.
7. Classic Advertisements

Let me preface by saying that online advertisements should not be the sole focus of your digital marketing strategy. But it would be remiss not to include them on this topic. They are a costlier and shorter term method than building your online portfolio. But they can still be effective. And we provide the best way to do that at ANALYTICSONLINE.IN

Social media also offers similar ad pricing structures. Facebook useS a cost per 1,000 impressions method which focuses more on awareness than conversion. LinkedIn offers CPC and CPM pricing structures depending on your preference.

Because these are paid structures, you need to know where your marketing budget is going. Know that the ROI will be significantly less than previously discussed methods. But paid advertisements can be part of a larger real estate digital marketing strategy.

You need to know your demographics and how they will view your ad on every platform.

Ask yourself questions like:

Would you consider clicking on a real estate ad on a Google SERP?

Are home buyers more likely to be on Instagram or LinkedIn?

At the end of the day, it is up to you whether or not you want to incorporate ads into your digital marketing budget, but just know that it is an option.

8. How Blogging Fits into your Real Estate Digital Marketing Strategy

 Traditional marketing hinges on sales pitches and quick interrupters to gain your attention. In the age of digital marketing where people can quickly wade through hundreds of websites and real estate agents, the cream will rise to the top. The modern age of marketing is all about providing value and gaining customer trust.

One of the most notable benefits of content marketing is becoming a figurehead in your industry. When it comes to real estate you should not only become a figurehead in your industry but also in your community.

For most people, buying a house or a piece of real estate is a very important decision in their lives. It is usually the product of a lot of careful thought and planning, so you are unlikely to gain a ton of traffic through simple advertisements.

When it comes to boosting your digital presence, content marketing through blogging provides some of the longest term results.

It also helps by your business by making you take an introspective approach to research topics in your industry.

Through writing and curation of informative thought pieces, you can garner a following of prospective home buyers. More often than not, you develop this audience long before your followers are even in the market to buy a home. Your current business plan most likely incorporates some sort of pipeline or lead generation system. So think of this as another piston in the engine.

Here are a few topics for example:

  • Here’s what to do If Your Tenant Abandons your Property
  • 10 Things You Probably Haven’t Thought of When Buying a Home
  • Why [Your Location]’s Housing Market in on the Up and Coming
  • Checklist of Priorities When Finding a Real Estate Agent

Now, building a content portfolio isn’t the only cog in the digital marketing wheel. You need to understand the platforms you should be active on and how to promote yourself using those tools. If you want a more in depth guide on how blogging will be your best friend for real estate digital marketing, check out this article on how to capture more leads and gain clients.


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Real estate digital marketing isn’t unlike other industries. But it definitely comes with some of its own quirks. Your digital marketing goals should revolve around establishing an online presence to gather a following and then guide people down your sales funnel.

If you think you need expertise in gaining traffic, or want to automate your digital presence, contact Analyticsonline.in. We offer a variety of services to help you establish yourself online, as well as services tailored specifically for real estate. From real estate search engine optimization, to social media management services, to content creation from industry specialists, we are here to help you achieve this year’s goal.


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