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Are you the one who has his own website but not getting traffic? Are you the one who is struggling more for getting higher ranks? Are you the one who is struggling to generate quality leads in huge amount? If this is you, then we are the solution for it. Hello and welcome again at Analytics Online, the best SEO company in Patna. The best solution for all your problems lies in gaining the best SEO services from Analytics Online, the best SEO company in Patna. Let your website get on the top from the best SEO services in Patna.

On-Page SEO Let us assist you in attracting high-quality traffic and getting top rankings on the search engine result page with our On-Page SEO Services. Talking about on-page SEO strategies, it is important in order to improve the site performance on the web. It focuses on creating websites along with its content in a search engine friendly way. It means that we are optimizing your web pages as the norms of the search engine. Having the huge experience in this field, our expert SEO professionals are here to let you get on the top using proper on-page SEO techniques. Our on-page SEO services include the following-

Keyword Research-

In order to be visible at the right time and in the right place whenever your potential customers are looking for you on the internet, doing a proper keyword research is crucial. Talking about the Keyword, it is the query that your potential customers type on the search engines to find the best results. What can be your target keywords and how can you target these keywords easily to rank your website? Our expert professionals will help you in solving this problem in an efficient and effective manner.

URL structure-

The URL structure should be such that can describe what the web page is all about. We help you in building the search engine friendly URL structure that your site visitors can easily remember and recall. It should represent your users whether they will get what they are looking for just by looking at the URL. Don’t worry… Get the best SEO services in Patna from the best SEO company in Patna, Bihar.

Page Title-

One of the important SEO ranking factors is the Page Title that appears on the top of the page and in the headline in the search engine result page (SERP). The page title must include the keywords and should be unique as well as compelling to the audience. If it is not so, your potential customers will never think it to be fruitful or meaningful for them. Moreover, it should be concise.


Using proper heading tags like H1, H2, H3, H4, etc, will give your website a great advantage. All the heading tags should be in a proper format that must describe the main headings and sub-headings in a proper way. Confused? Well… you should not, because we help you in doing so. Being the best SEO company in Patna, we understand your requirements.

Meta Descriptions-

Meta descriptions are the short descriptions that act as a summary of your web page. You have to better focus on this just because your site visitors will read it first before clicking your website link on the search engine result page.

Content & Images-

Think you have landed on a particular site and didn’t find something that you are looking for or you have actually found the required information but you can’t read and understand it because of improper content format or structure. Would you like to visit there again? Obviously not. So, keep in mind, the content should be arranged in such a way reading which your site visitor can easily understand it.


For doing proper On-Page SEO, creating internal and external links are of great importance. You should check whether all the links are correct or are there any links which are broken? Contact us, we’ll do it for you.

Optimizing Page Speed-

It is also one of the important factors in doing on-page SEO. The page speed or the page loading time must be optimized otherwise, the chances are high that you will lose your potential customers.

Off-Page SEO

Not only On-page SEO but Off-page SEO is also necessary in order to get the high rankings among organic search results. We, at Analytics Online, one of the leading SEO company in Patna, are engaged in providing the best Off-Page SEO services.

Our Off-Page SEO services include the following-

– Guest Posting

– Creating High-quality and engaging Social Media Profiles

– Participating in forum submissions having high PR

– Quick answers or exchanging ideas on various forums enriched with high-quality.

– Maintaining proper and engaging social-bookmarking over various social bookmarking sites.

– Creating a sharable content

– Influencer outreach

– Best directory submissions of the target niche

– Article submissions

– Building high-quality backlinks

Backlinking Services

Do you want high-quality, fast and secured backlinks? Analytics Online provides you with Backlinking services that will generate the high-quality leads with top rankings among the organic search engine results. Get the backlinks at most affordable prices consisting of 100% verified and working links. We will assist you in getting the high DA & PA backlinks through high-quality social signals, bookmarking, blogging, Web2.0, and many more valuable methods.

Why choosing us?

Getting in touch with Analytics Online will be the best and fruitful decision for your company. We believe in providing results that are of great value for your company’s growth. We identify and analyze properly each and every page of your website. By doing this we ensure that you don’t miss out any important thing that may affect your website, i.e., we are providing a complete solution for On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO of your website.

Get your business in front of your potential customers with SEO company in Patna, Bihar.

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