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What Documents required for Home Loan

Keeping all the Documents ready is very much important while you are planning to take Home Loan. The Documents required for a home loan are almost the same in every bank, housing finance, and other companies. Only additional documents are required when there are some additional requirements. Let’s check below all those documents which you …

NRIs prefer to invest in the Indian Real Estate Market

Most Indians living in a foreign country wish to own one or more properties in their motherland. And certainly having a property back home surely makes sense. Further, the rise in demand for investment in real estate in India’s metropolitan cities is due to the fact that the real estate market is still expanding at …

Top 5 Signs Indicating Real Estate Crash in 2020

5 signs are indicating a Real Estate crash in the year 2020. A major disaster happened in the year 2008 when the real estate rolled down and many Entrepreneurs faced immense losses. However, these five signs may indicate a crash, but have severeness is comparatively less. Let’s take a quick look at them: 1. Asset …